Woohoo! - NET A PORTER Sale has started....

  1. [​IMG]

    .....and in typical NAP fashion, the website's crapped itself and is running very slow, sometimes not at all. Good luck ladies!
  2. I already placed my order:yes: I got a See by Chloe mini dress and tee for $303! Remember to use freeship127V for free shipping.
  3. Wow! Thanks for the code shoelover. I managed to toss a couple of things in my shopping cart but it's all gone to crap now and I can't even get on the site.

    Yay for you for getting your order in!
  4. I'm considering the Paddington Clutch. (not that I ever really carry a clutch, but still!!)
  5. I would LOVE to get that BV shopper in black...oh its gorgeous! But the MJ carpa satchel is more in my price range.
  6. I ordered earlier today. The website kept telling me my shopping bag was empty...so I had to keep logging in! Oh well, finally completed my order...got a MJ capra satchel. I can't wait to get it. I would love a paddy clutch though. May end up ordering again....so many sales...
  7. Most of the stuff is the same sale items that were there before.
  8. thanks! i successfully ordered a chloe paddy clutch. if i wasn't on a ban, i'd buy a bag too... but wow, some of these deals are too good to pass up!
  9. Thank you so much for the code ShoeLover:flowers: ... I just picked up the metallic paddington clutch as well, I've always wanted to get one!:yahoo:
  10. Just got the Chloe paddy clutch in steel! Thanx for the free shipping code!
  11. I too got the Chloe clutch! And a Marc by Marc Jacobs dress and jacket. This forum is going to kill me!
  12. Paddinton are not in sale!!!???
  13. Thanks for the heads-up! I am trying desperately to convince myself I should wait on the medium Paddy in metallic bleu nuit...not sure I believe me, lol. Why is the website moving so slooooooooow!!!!!!:cursing: Haven't they made enough $ off of us to update their server?
  14. i feel exactly the same way! *confused* :s
  15. hmm paddington clutch.. maybe? maybe not..?