Woohoo! My Trasporto Zucca & Denaro R In!

  1. Luv your print placement on both! I took a bunch of pics of mine tonight. I'll try to upload them soon. I sooo need to be :banned: now until Vacanze.
  2. cute!! I :heart: the school bus front and center on the zucca!
  3. Very cute! Congrats on your new tokis =)
  4. Thanks -- the zucca was my first one i ordered with a print placement. And I just got really lucky on the denaro - ordered w/o a print placement.
  5. congrats!! :biggrin:
  6. Adorable! I wasn't sure about this print before it came out, but it is sweeeeet!
    Of course, it helps that I love the Zucca!