WooHoo! My Tan Playground Ciao Ciao Arrived.

  1. :yahoo::happydance::party:.. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Tan Playground is a LOT more beautiful in person then in the pictures. The colors on the tan just pop out.. I am in :heart: with this bag..lol.:p...

    kaori - Thank you again.. And thanks for the lightning fast shipping...


  2. beautiful pg ciao ciao! makes me want one.
  3. OMG! How GORGEOUS!!! Congrats!!!!!!!
  4. beautiful! i hope you give it a nice home ;)
  5. Thanks guys... LoL kkimm.. I will. There is no way my hubby will make get rid of it. I'm putting my foot down on him...lol.. But I am now in a ban. Since I have no more money..lol.. Damn you eBay.. *whispers* I didnt mean it, I love you eBay...lol...
  6. its beautiful!! congrats :woohoo:
  7. you're welcome Danelys! hehehehehe...if you ever get rid of it, return to sender ---> ME. LOL :biggrin:
    the tan is awesome! It's a more mature combination, but still super cute!
    I'm glad it is in safe and loving hands. thank you babe!:cutesy:
  8. You lucky girl! Lovely Tan PG Ciao Cia - I'm not home yet but I can't wait to see mine!! :smile:
  9. Very pretty!
  10. Omg, I'm in :heart:! Now I want one too. Congrats and thanks for sharing pictures of your new bag. :tup:
  11. Thanks guys... I can't stop looking at the bag..lol... God, tokidoki is freakin awesome...lol...:drool:
  12. Wow, it is beautiful! Congrats.:heart:
  13. Congratulations on such a gorgeous bag!!
  14. Congrats, Danelys!! That's a beautiful Ciao Ciao.

    Ahhhh!! :nuts: Your bag is actually making me rethink my "I don't like beige/I don't like the Japanese girls/I don't like big bags" philosophy! OMG!!:wacko:
  15. Wow.. It's so gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!!!