Woohoo! My New Choos!

  1. [​IMG][​IMG] FINALLY..got my new camera today..so I can post my new purchases from last week...Got these Jimmy Choo flats..black ruched..to match my new ruched Prada bag and gloves..LOL....LOVE THEM! AND so comfy...:love:
  2. Beautiful!
  3. Awww! They are so cute! Congrats!
  4. great shoes and great photos.
  5. Gorgeous :love:
  6. DROOL! Whats the heel like on those bad boys???
  7. Love em.... I have the flat boots in that line in black... they are sooo cute...I think I may get the flats in gold!!
  8. ^ I want those boots too..:heart: ..BUT I have a pair of Prada Boots coming tomorrow..hmmm..we shall see...LMAO..
  9. ^^Pictures!
  10. Cute, I love them.
  11. Those are beautiful JIll! :yes:
  12. Love the shoes!
  13. very cute!
  14. OMG i have the exact same ones by blahnik but the 3 inch heel.lol. of course i :love: them
  15. Those are very cute!