WOOHOO!!! My new "All Hail..." bag!

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  1. Here she is! No striptease - just the full monty!

    I TOTALLY blame RC and the "All Hail the HAC" thread (though it never takes much convincing to get me to snag an HAC).:p

    32cm HAC Ebene GH



    Now, the seller stated clemence in the auction but I have my doubts, but admittedly, I am no togo or clemence expert...so, help me out fellow tPFers, is it clemence or togo? The grain makes me think clemence but the veining always throws me off.

    Either way, I :heart:LOVE:heart: it! Thanks for letting me share!
  2. WOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!! Congrats!!
  3. oh my goodness. that is so hot. not kidding. I would steal that from you. sospooo amazing.
  4. Congrats! I was watching that bag, good to know it went to a tPFer.
  5. okay I had to come look again.

  6. It think it would be togo or fjord.
  7. Wooo Hoooo!!!
  8. Beautiful!! Is it stiff to the touch? I would almost say fjord as well but would need a closer photo of the grain. The veining is beautiful on this. STUNNING!!!!!!
  9. How beautiful it is~ Love the color and the texture of the leather. Sorry, I am newbie to Hermes, can't help you identify the leather. Just jump in to say how much I love this bag!@:wlae:
  10. Not stiff at all but not "clemence-y" squishy either, KWIM?

    Thanks for the compliments, everyone! I'm still hugging it - lol!
  11. Whoa! Gorgeous bag!!! l have a clemence Evelyne and there is no graining to that leather at all. I doubt it is clemence but it is a stunner!!! Congratulations!
  12. crap. i have gone back to this page 8 times to look. uh oh.
  13. FABULOUS!!!:heart: CONGARTS, AL!!! Wear your new HAC in the best of health!!! (I was eyeing that auction too!!!:graucho: Glad to see it went to a fellow PFer!:yahoo:)
  14. Exactly why I think it is more likely to be Togo, plus the not as squishi-ness factor.
  15. GG, I'm not a fortune teller but I think you need some HAC in your future! Plus, with your figure, you would ROCK an HAC to no end.