Woohoo my first PCE!

  1. I got my first PCE card in the mail today - I am so excited!:yahoo: 11/10-11/18/07 YAY!

    Now what to get... :graucho:

    (BTW I am SO GLAD tPF is back up - I about passed out from withdrawal!)
  2. OK, so now we can sort this out because this is totally unexpected! Some friends of mine called their Coach SAs who said this is an event for those who hadn't bought anything in a long time and it was to get them back. OK, so that's nice for them and I am happy for those who haven't gotten cards before but the big question is this.... will there be a regular PCE for those who buy regularly in December? Anyone know what's going on??

    And congrats, greenpixie, I know how exciting it is to get that first PCE card!!! LOL!
  3. aahhh that sucks. Makes me want to buy one from someone on eBay, but I just called the store I probably shop at most and they said there was no PCE for this weekend. Did she just not know what she is talking about?
  4. Can Coach really be so messed up that their SAs don't know what's going on? Did corporate just send out random cards yet not share that info with their stores? Weird! LOL!
  5. So PCE is really 11/10-11/18?

    Wow that was soon!

    I wonder who all will get cards, I hope I don't! I'm trying to save for another LV!
  6. I just called Northpark as well and they said no also. Now this is just plain pissing me off :smile:
  7. This is just strange. There are about 10-12 cards on eBay right now. Just crazy.
  8. I didn't get one and I've bought the following at Coach stores since August:
    large leather Carly ($498)
    Ergo leather tote ($328)
    Legacy stripe scarf ($38)
    Gemini charm and Bourdeaux scarf ($9.99 and $29 from Outlet)
    So total, that's $902.99...I'm kinda P.O.'d that I didn't get PCE. I was really hoping for a Bleecker wallet to match my new Bleecker magenta duffle...
  9. I got a call from my local store, she said to bring in the invitation but I haven't gotten one yet. I was really suprised when she called since I didn't think there was another event until December. I've gotten the last two invites as well....I wish they didn't do them so often, I'm still trying to recover from last time! :sweatdrop:
  10. Thanks tlloveshim!

    I think your SA may be right - I was surprised because it has been a while since I have purchased much from the boutique - most of my recent purchases have been from the outlet or at Nordies.

    So I wonder about December then?

    Hmmmm... :confused1:
  11. I will cry if I don't get a PCE :sad:
    I really want a chocolate signature ergo hobo :sad:
  12. boooooooo i hope there's another on in December.... I almost had a heart attack thinking it was next week, I've been putting aside $50 a week to get the Leigh,(since i'm suppose to be on a ban) which put me at having enough by december 1st. :sad:
  13. You and me both sister! (except Bleeker Flap for me)
  14. lol this is going to be difficult, I have a feeling I'm going to break down before pce and buy it, I need support girls!!!!!!
  15. This is weird. And stupid of them if they are doing it like this for people who don't buy much, and then one in December for others.

    Stupid IMO.