Woohoo my dior Gaucho has arrived

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  1. Hi Ladies,
    You are probably fed up hearing from me but I had to post my new bag which arrived super speedily today - I am very pleased with it.:drool:
    Can you experts just do a double check!!


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  2. Wow looks great on you :woohoo:, that was fast - didn't you only win it the other day?
  3. I know she was super quick in sending it!!

    Thank you!!:love:

  4. Love sellers like that, enjoy your new baby!
  5. it looks fabulous!:tup: have fun with your new baby! :wlae:
  6. Gorgeous white Gaucho bag!!! Congratulations!
  7. That was fast - great bag! Looks lovely on you and in great condition too.

    You asked for a double check - from your exterior pics - looks fine... Would need close up of coinface & interior leather tag to do a full authentication.

    If you still want feedback re authentication post the pic in the Authenticate this Dior thread.

    You've done really well - Hope you love it for years to come!
  8. The gaucho is fabulous! Great choice on color, it looks great on you. Congrats!
  9. congrets! its beautiful!!
  10. Enjoy your bag, it is killer!
  11. Looks great - and authentic. Just check the leather piping (I believe on fake bags the lining looks glued together with no piping underneath, KWIM?) Also from memory on the tag the top will have black stitching, the other three sides yellow. Hope this helps with authenticity!
  12. Congrats! Great color. Can't tell if it's white or off-white but if it's off white, I have the same one. I find it's super easy to keep clean too for a light bag. I've had some denim transfer to the back of it and it came right off with baby wipe. Actually has happened multiple times now, you would think I would stop wearing with dark denim but like I said it comes right off so I don't think twice.
  13. Dior Gaucho in white is the most beautiful one :smile:

    Congrats and it looks so cool on you too.
  14. I agree V, the white is amazing. So is the brown *wink*
  15. and the burgundy *wink wink*! ;)