Woohoo--my amazing Chanel bargain!

  1. So.. usually I lurk around, but I'm a serious Chanel collector. And today, I made the cutest find EVER and just had to share my joy!

    I found...a white vintage caviar tote at one of my usual second hand stores. The lady who runs it thought it was a copy and had it marked for ...$50!!!! Her client had received it as a gift years ago and obviously didn't care.

    It even had the authenticity card and matching hologram! I couldn't find the hologram at first, but all the other details were correct so decided to chance it--I found it later at a cafe (couldnt wait to get home!)

    I have a few other bags in this style and am fairly sure it's from the mid-90's. I love this type of zipper pull. Near mint condition--no scuffs or yellowing! Pockets on front and back + 2 inside, so it's very roomy. So cool. Not sure if I will keep or sell, but WOW. What a deal!!!!!:yahoo:

    So..enjoy the pics!
    chanelwhitetote1.jpg chaneltote4.jpg chaneltote6.jpg Chaneltote2.jpg chaneltote3.jpg
  2. wow! impressive find!!! it's very cute!
  3. So Cool!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Adorable! Anyone know if it's authentic?
  5. What a great deal!!
  6. WOW! Good eye! *
  7. Congrats! I'd gamble $50 on a secondhand Chanel to find out if it's authentic! ENJOY either the bag or profit!
  8. It's definitely authentic, alouette! I have quite a few vintage Chanels, so I know what to look for. I just didn't want the shop owner thinking I knew what to look for and changing her mind about the price! :smile:
  9. Whoa great price!
  10. WOW...congrats on such a fab find!!! :nuts: :yahoo:
  11. :tup: What a great deal!!! CONGRATS~
  12. Congrats, what a good deal!
  13. Lucky you! :tup:
  14. Wow! That's got to be the Chanel deal of the century! Congrats!
  15. Wow, congrats!! That is a wonderful deal!