WooHoo Looky At My Latest Purchase NOTTE DOLCE

  1. cool!!! it's actually the original "black" not notte...it has the cute green and blue hardware and original print on the inside... NICE DEAL!
  2. Whats the difference between black and notte, I thought they were the same..?
  3. i think notte has the citta print inside or was that fumo?? :shrugs: but congrats!
  4. Yeah I just checkd the blog, the Notte has Citta inside. This is the original black. YAY! I havent got an original one yet! Am hankering for an original ORIGINAL! Plus this is my first small bag!
  5. Congrats!:yahoo: Yes, I like the original black much better because it had original rather than the citta print inside. I just like the original print as an interior lining better than citta.
  6. YAY! congrats on an awesome bag!
  7. ITA. The original print makes a much much better lining than citta. Congrats on the new bag and an awesome deal.
  8. congrats!!! that was an awesome deal :tup:
  9. Wow, Amazing Deal, Congrats! 8D
  10. humm I wouldn't mind a black bag w/ the silver hardware and the original print inside :biggrin: I saw that bag earlier awesome steal!
  11. congratz! amazing deal!