WOOHOO!!! Look what I just won!!!

  1. Oh my goodness, congrats!! I am seriously a sucker for lambskin and a vintage flap with gold h/w is on my wishlist! Congrats. After what I just dropped on my jumbo at the boutique, this price is AMAZING!!!
  2. Congrats, you got a great deal!
  3. very nice!
  4. Great deal! Congrats.
  5. Congrats on the small classic! It looks great!!
  6. Congrats! :tup::tup:
  7. Yey!
  8. Congrats...cute bag...Enjoy....
  9. wow great deal!
  10. ugh, now they're wanting me to pay 6% tax on the item AND shipping! i just e-mailed them and told them to rebill me. i knew it was too good to be true!
  11. Congrats. Its a lovely bag. Are you in the same state as the item is being shipped from? If not then you shouldn't have to pay tax!!
  12. ^ i'm in the same province (Canada). it sucks because you can't tell in the auction (it only says their country) AND there was no mention that they're a tax registered store!. i've e-mailed the lady so i'll update on what happens. *crossing fingers*
  13. nice~ such good condition too
  14. congrats on the great deal! please post pics when you get her!