Woohoo! Jimmy Choo subforum!!!

  1. :party:
  2. Hey cosmo, I share in your joy
  3. Thank you, Cosmo! I know you made a great effort to make this happen for all of us! :yes:
  4. yay!
  5. YIPPEEEEEE:choochoo::yahoo: :woohoo::choochoo::yahoo: :woohoo::choochoo:

    Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible & extra special thanks to Cosmopolitan!
  6. i want to cry ................ with joy!!! yyyyyyyyeaaaaaaaaay for JC!!!! Here Here!
  7. :dothewave: Yahoo!!! This is so exciting!
    I have to go search for my Rikki which I need help in authenticating.
  8. All your hard work paid off, woot woot!
  9. Sooooo Happy!!! Yay!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  10. Three cheers for Cosmo!:choochoo: :choochoo: :choochoo:
  11. Awww, thanks everybody! I'm just so glad that Jimmy Choo now has a rightful place of its own here on tPF. :biggrin:

    Thanks again, Megs and Vlad.
  12. Great job Cosmo for getting us all going:party: I am so glad there was such a good response to the request:dothewave: Thanks Megs and Vlad:heart: Can't wait to see all the posts!I am thirsty for new choo news and bags.
  13. :yahoo: This is wonderful beyond words!!

    Now I am going to have to learn how to post pictures!
  14. Yay.
  15. WooHoo! :yahoo: