Woohoo I'm Getting a Pirata Zucca...

  1. I called earlier today The Seattle Outlet and asked if they can hold a Pirata Zucca for me. Crystal checked and they only received 1. And thank god it wasnt on hold. So YAY...Girls if you want a Pirata Zucca you got to move fast because I heard that the outlets are receiving very little of them. And SH only has 3... Anyhow I want to thank Crystal.. You Rock! And I :heart: You!!! I'm doing my happy dance right now...:happydance:
  2. I really wanted a Pirata zucca, but the three SH received weren't even CLOSE to the placement I want... :tdown:
  3. What placement did you want?
  4. :sad: i really want one.. a nice one..
  5. Yeah... The thing that I needed was that you can see the Pirate with the parrot on her.. And the mermaid and the pirate ship.. Those were the 3 things that I wanted... This one had it.. I'm so happy.. This is my first and only zucca... When I called SH they didnt tell me what prints they had on the Zuccus... I rather buy from the Seattle Outlet anyways.. I ordered a Paradiso Ciao Ciao from SH and I feel like I was rushed... But Oh well.. As long it has the Baby making the Sushi with the little girl dress in blue with the gun and the little girl making a snow man then I'm happy... Plus its a Ciao Ciao it must have that...
  6. I want something as close to this as possible, but I only want it if it's not retail...
  7. Macy's Chicago State Street still had 6 Pirata Zuccas as of this past Tuesday.
  8. Eh, well I snagged up one of the Pirata Zuccas from SH..she had my perfect placement so that was all good...I wanted the cat on the island in the middle..
  9. so wait... they already have it?
  10. I emailed lindsey that I wanted one so hopefully they still do! if not then I want the gioco.

  11. Are they still regular priced?
  12. :push: After getting the email from Lindsey with their current stock of tokis.. I want to get more!! The Pirata looks great in a zucca!! But IDK.. I'm already ordering a bambione in Pirata..
  13. (RE: Macy's Chicago State Street)
    Unfortunately yes. It's so frustrating because every other LeSportsac in the store has been 25% off for weeks and most of the Harajuku Lovers stuff is reduced too.
  14. I put one on hold at Southampton.. Hopefully they understand what it means when I asked for the zipper & straps not to cut off any faces too much... :X
  15. I put one on hold too! OMG I'm so excited now!