Woohoo! Im back in the Chloe club with my new Muscade Paddy!

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  1. Wow, wow, and WOW!!! Hali, what truly amazing Paddys. You always seem to ferrett out some great Paddys. I can't wait for more pics. Tell you hubby to drop the vodka and hurry home from Poland.
  2. Oh what an amazing colour, please post pics when it arrives! I returned my mini cuz it was faulty and I thought it was too small and really regretted it, I felt really jealous whenever I saw a mini on here. I ended up reordering another cuz I HAD TO HAVE ONE. So I really understand why you wanted a mini in ur collection.

    Hope it gets to u qucikly! Yay!
  3. Omg she is gorgeous, great colour. Well done. Look forward to modeling pics.:heart:
  4. .................LOL! And my muscade saga continues...

    I have now just sold my regular muscade paddy to another UK TPFer who spotted my last auction for it and she made me an offer.

    Now Im on a mission to get back my mini muscade. The person who bought it from me is now selling it, so hopefully she will be mine again soon.

    Gosh I cant keep up with myself!!!:nuts:
  5. Sounds like you and that baby muscade are just meant to be, glad the regular went to a loving TPFer, will u keep the second baby if u get the muscade back?
  6. I will definatley keep the grey/blue mini as that colour is more wearable for me. I almost bought the same shade of paddy but in the regular size, but now I know that regular paddies dont do it for me and mini's and Bay bags are my thing. LOL....now Im thinking that I should opt for a Bay instead of the muscade mini..

    There is just too much choice girls!!
  7. Congrats on a beautiful bag. I always think that gorgeous bags like these are such an investment, but, as they say, quality always lasts.

  8. .....Yep, It went to ME :yahoo:Yeeeyyy.... Now I've bought 3 chloes in as many weeks! OMG...but I couldn't resist this muscade!!!

    Love the new Mini paddy Halzer! x
  9. Wow, I'm impessed. I hope you enjoy her! :yahoo:
  10. Good God Hali, I can't keep up. It's like musical handbags round here!

    art passion, you must show us some modelling pics when your regular muscade Paddy arrives. She looks stunning. A fab color. Congrats!
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