Woohoo! Im back in the Chloe club with my new Muscade Paddy!

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  1. PRETTY PRETTY - what a gorgeous color - congrats :tup:
  2. Hali, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Good to see you managed to get a fab authentic Paddy after your recent dramas. Just goes to show it's worth persevering. I just love your muscade Paddy, it's gorgeous - exactly what I'd love to own and/or a bleu nuit Paddy, (preferably AND).
  3. *Sigh*

    My love affair is over. Although the paddy leather is lovely it wasnt 'love at first sight' for me. Im regretting selling my mini muscade now as even though it was smaller, I think it was more cute looking than the regular size. I guess I could have make it work by getting a smaller wallet so I would have had more space for my other stuff.

    Im offloading the regular now as I wont use it. I think I should have stuck to my gut instinct and gone for a Bay instead.:sad:
  4. :sOh, sorry for that...but if it's not THE bag you'll better let her go and get annother one instead.

    Anyway, muscade is one of the best colors for a paddington :heart:
  5. Oh dear, well if its not the right bag, what can u do? :confused1: Maybe a mini muscade will come back your way? :yes: Plenty of time to get ursefl a bay when u have passed on ur paddy, don't be sad :flowers:
  6. Oh Hali, that muscade color is fabulous. I love it. Who bought your mini Paddy? Maybe you should send a quick e-mail to check if they're in love with it or not. You never know, they might be finding it too small and want to do a trade (and pay a bit extra for the regular size), or they may just want to sell the mini. It's worth a try as you loved it so much.
  7. Sorry that you're not enjoying your lovely new muscade, Halzer. Personally, I just love the Paddy and this colour is fabulous. But if it's not you, you have to move it to a new home. Hope you find a lovely replacement!
  8. Okay what's next in Hali's trials and tribulations of finding the right Chloe?
  9. This is THE classic Chloe. Sorry to hear it doesn't suit. I would give my eye teeth for this bag. Do they still sell it new?
  10. beautiful color and yummy leather
  11. it's a beautiful color! almost golden. congrats! =)
  12. I must be going mad! I listed my paddy on Ebay and almost pulled the auction a day before it ended as I was having seconds thoughts.
    In this end it didnt sell anyway and I was suprised to find myself feeling relieved!!
    I took my muscade paddy out today for the first time and I had two compliments!!!
    I think I was too quick to judge her on her own merits instead of comparing her to a mini paddy.
    She is now a keeper....and Im just about to buy a mini paddington now so I have the best of both worlds!
    Thanks for all the words of wisdom girls! I would be mad to give up this beauty!!:nuts:
  13. Hali, that's FANTASTIC news. Does that mean we get to see more pictures, including modelling shots??? :graucho: I'm still trying to find my first Paddy or Betty.

    What's all this about a mini Paddy? What color?
  14. Yay! The best of both worlds is so the answer! I have the regular Muscade paddy and recently got myself a Choc mini, I love both and think becasue of the size difference you can use and love both equally!

    What colour are you thinking of
  15. LOL Mini...well modelling shots will be coming now that Im happy with her. Just let my hubby get back from Poland as he has taken the camera.
    I agree about having the best of both worlds Cat.
    I have just bought this mini paddy, which is a dark grey/blue ( One of the noirs apparantly?) which I think would rock with a casual pair of jeans.
    I will post real pics of her when she gets here.
    Wooohooo I have two chloes now! Im totally broke but they are worth it! LOL
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