Woohoo! Im back in the Chloe club with my new Muscade Paddy!

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  1. Wooohhooo:yahoo:

    Im back in with Chloe!!
    A while back I had a beautiful Muscade mini Paddington, but although I loved the colour and the smooshy thick leather, it was just too small for all of my junk.

    Now, thanks to a very nice Chloe TPF-er, I am the proud new owner of a regular sized Muscade paddy!!!

    Its exactly the same as my old mini, but now its the perfect size for all of my stuff.:heart:

    Heres a quick snap of her now. I hope to post modelling pics later when I get dressed...LOL!

  2. congrats...its a beautiful bag and a gorgoues colour!
  3. Congrats...:heart:
    I am glad you found the right bag :love:after waiting so patiently and even considering Bays!
  4. i love this colour such a lovely shade of brown
  5. Very nice, congrats!! And, welcome back!!
  6. Congrats!
    Lovely Paddy... I think you need more and more Chloe, impossible stop when you have started :graucho:
  7. Such a lovely color :heart:
  8. Ah congrats, I have this same bag and I have used her sooo much, she's abt bashed up now but still as beautiful in my eyes! Enjoy, and FYI she goes with EVERYTHING!
  9. Just beautiful, I love this colour, and I am really happy for you since you had to be very patient and you did go through some dramatic scenarios!
  10. OooohYEAH! This is what YOU need! This size holds a lot more and is a classic. CONGRATS!!!
  11. Gorgeous! I recently bought a baby long strap muscade and am loving it! The leather is TPF! Congrats!
  12. The muscade is such a great color! Enjoy your bag!
  13. I have the same colour too. Even though I don't use it anymore I can't bear to part with it! I love the colour!

    Congrats on a beautiful purchase!
  14. congrats. love the colour!
  15. Gorgeous bag--congrats and enjoy!!
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