WOOHOO! I'm 19 Today!

  1. Haha. I'm just excited that after today it's all over with! I have a birthday dinner tonight with friends and MAN... people are TERRIBLE at RSVPing! :sad: Oh well, shall be great anyway. Cheesecake Factory takes no reservations anyway. Poo.

    I hope all of you fantastic ladies have a great day and umm... shop... a lot... and then show me all of your pretty new Coach things because I won't have anything new for a long while! Lol. So that means I can drool over your's :lol:
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Any new bags???
  3. Have a very happy birthday!!!!!:yahoo:
  4. Happy Birthday!!! Have you gotten any new Coach bags?
  5. Happy Birthday!!!
  6. Happy dang birthday! Hope you get all you want and more...
  7. Happy Birthday! I love the Cheesecake Factory!
  8. :yahoo:HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :yes:

    mmmmmm Cheesecake Factory. Enjoy!
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I LOVE Cheesecake Factory, too!!!!!! Actually, ate there yesterday!!!! MMMMM...Enjoy your day!
  10. Whoohoo, happy birthday! :party:
  11. Thanks everyone!

    No new bags yet! My mom doesn't understand the addiction and I haven't seen the boyfriend yet... but if that fails... he's going to Vegas (AGAIN!!!) on the 24th so maybe I can mooch something out of that deal. HAHA!

    I'm so excited for the Cheesecake Factory... that's an addiction in itself... I don't know the deal about them singing to you for your b-day... but I want a candle on my cheesecake! LOL!

    Have a lovely day, all!
  12. Happy birthday
  13. :party: Happy Birthday!! :drinks: Here's to many more (birthdays and bags!!) :flowers: :wlae:
  14. Happy Day Katie!!
    You are too damn young!! :smile:
  15. Happy Birthday!