Woohoo! I won my adios/ciao ciao shirt on ebay!!

  1. It has some funky spot on the front, the seller said he thought it was excess dye but who cares, it's at the bottom of the shirt! YAY!! :yahoo:
  2. I have kids and they are always touching me w/their grimey hands so I'm sure it would get stained anyway!!

  3. congrats on the win!! maybe spray n' wash the stain before you wash it..well, at least it's on the bottom :smile:
  4. hahaha you're funny... congrats!

    just make sure to wash it first in some way?
  5. hahaha too funny about the kids :biggrin:
    but cuuute tee! congrats!
  6. Very Pretty T shirt. Congratulations on winning it!
  7. congrats! did you get it for super cheap?
  8. haha yeah i saw that shirt on eBay.....i'm glad he found a home even tho he has a small spot :biggrin:
  9. uh not really, a couple other people bid on it too and drove the price up. I got it for $33 shipped. But I don't care, at least I got my shirt!
  10. boohoo the other person was me...i am still looking for this shirt...glad a person from this board won it tho
  11. oops, sorry!! :sad:
  12. congrats spacytracy!
    glad to know the tip was helpful ;)
  13. ahhhh thank you, I was trying to remember who had tipped me off.............accidentally erased my inbox and couldn't figure it out!!

    thank you!! :yes: