WOOHOO...I won $$$$ at the casino!!!

  1. I had a great time at one of Louisana's Casino (Paragon in Marksville). I was playing a quarter slot and hit the bonus spin. I kept accumulating credits and was on the highest level of the bonus and hit 5000 credits for $1,250.00. WooHoo:woohoo:....If you won this much what would you do with it?.....buy a new handbag?...put it in the checking/savings?....hmmmm....I'm still debating:s.
  2. WOOHOO! Congrats!!! If it was me, since it's just random fun money, I'd spend it on something fun (IF you don't have a lot of debt), but that's just me. If you have debt, use it to pay it off.
  3. WHOOO HOOOO! Congrats honey! I've never been brave enough to play anything over a nickel!

    I personally would save it, but you know your finances best, so hey, if you got it, buy yourself something nice with it! Sure! You totally deserve a new bag! Have fun!
  4. Yea for being lucky at the slots! Congrats! I would go have some fun with it!
  5. I pretty much decided to pay some bills with it. If there is any left over I'll probably just save it to get something really nice.

    But I can tell ya....when I the 5000 credits I was in shock. I love it when the slots go crazy and you realized you hit a JACKPOT!:nuts:
  6. If it were me, I would just give it back and say thanks, but I have plenty of money. :thinking:

    And then after I stopped ROFLMAO, I would say give me my friggin money and then I would run to the nearest designer store.

    But that's just me. :yahoo:
  7. Oh wow! Congrats.
    I'd probably put the $250 in the savings then shop with the rest. Hah. But that's just me.
  8. Congrats! I'd go have some fun with the money too. I never win much at casinos... the most I've won is $5, lol.
  9. WHOO HOOO! Congrats!! I'd say save half, spend half!! :yahoo:
  10. Congratz! If it were me, I would spend some of it (or all) or something (e.g a new bag) for a memory of it lol
  11. :woohoo: that's great, congrats!
  12. :tup::tup::tup:
  13. YAY!!! I won $1,000 the last time I was in Vegas at a slot machine and I took my girl friend and her husband (I was staying at their house) out to dinner and then my girl friend and I went to see "Mama Mia" I say spend it on something that you normally wouldn't buy for yourself.
  14. That is so cool!!! Congratulations!!
  15. Awesome - what are you gonna get??:graucho: