WOOHOO! I just got a Large Camel Ergo at Dillards for $214.00! ...and....

  1. I just went to the Mall to cool off and buy lunch. I wandered into Macys and saw the Denim shoulder tote I wanted, didnt buy it.

    Then I went to Dillards (not my fave store and I hardly go in there but I was told they were having a big sale).

    The SA brought out 6 large leather Camel Ergos and told a customer they were 50% off! (the price tag said $548.00, so its more than 50% off) YEEHAH! I grabbed one, still in the plastic and everything. Then I saw the denim shoulder tote and asked for one of those too.

    The SA made a mistake on my total and gave me 30% off the Denim shoulder tote! I realized that after I left and looked at my receipt.

    It's that penny I picked up in the parking lot at the mall, I know it! (find a penny, pick it up, all the day you'll have good luck)

    I love the Ergo, have to get used to it since I never had one. But for that price, no problem!

    Anyone else hit the Dillards sale?
  2. My Dillards only had the spring scribble totes and some carly demis on sale. The Ergos were still sitting there full price.

    Congrats on the deal!
  3. I did snagged a whiskey Mandy and the vintage leather Ergo hobo - see my pics in July purchases. Congrats on your Ergo. They were not marked down quite that much here in Tucson - 25% off and then another 30%.
  4. Sounds great, lucky you!! BOOO for my Macys they dont carry Coach at all.
  5. Ugghhhh!! I wish we had a Dillards in my state!!!! Congrats everyone on your new finds!!!
  6. Congrats on the great deals! :tup:

    My Macy's don't carry Coach either. :sad:
  7. WOW!!! What a great find!!!!! Congratulations!
  8. Wow! Great finds! :tup:
    ETA- Shouldn't this be in the Coach Shopping Subforum?
  9. Awesome!!! Enjoy it. I've had my eye on the signature ergo totes....I'm heading to Dillards soon to find out if the ergos are on sale here!
  10. Originally the sale was for an additional 30% off the already marked down prices, but I guess they werent selling like they had hoped, so a Manager said to give 50% on certain bags they found in the back. Its the last day of the sale. My timing is usually bad, I usually get there too late and miss the good stuff! Oh, the other style they gave 50% off on was the Jade Carlys. Evidentally they had a TON of them.
  11. I'm jealous! My Dillards only had soho leather satchels & spring patchwork
  12. Which Dillards did you go to? I went to Fiesta Mall today and they only had a few bags on sale, and no ergos. Just some hamptons and leather carlys.
  13. Yeah I got a lot of stuff at dillards. I got a couple coach stuff. They even had coach handbags that were 50% and an extra 30%.
  14. Congratulations.
  15. Congrats!!!!