Woohoo! I have reached the summit. . .:-) modelling pics

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  1. I just wanted to share my joy. I also went to the LV event last night and total enjoyed myself. Saw a lot of different bags. But the one that caught my eye is. . . (obviously from the title) the amarante in summit drive. The bag is sooo beautiful and I just can't get over how lovely the color is. Sorry no pics in daylight because it is already night time where I am from.

    Also sorry for my ugly clothes and slippers. I was also in hurry to take pics because my hubby is just downstairs and I didn't want him to freak out and see me taking a pic of myself with my bag.:nuts:. I also got the fleur key chain which is soooo cute (sorry no pics) and my sis n law got the sargent from the monogram bronze line.

    Frankly, I don't care so much for this bag. It looks boyish for me. Too military. But my SIL loved hers. To each her own right?:graucho:

    Finally after the long introduction. . . my amarante summit drive



  2. Oooh, I love that!! I am crazy about the amarante, too. Congrats on your new toys!
  3. Gorgeous bag! I saw it too yesterday, but didn't try it on.
    Looks great on you!
  4. Congrats!
    That bag is stunning!!
    Did you see it in Pearl?
    I don't know what colour i want!
  5. The bag is HOT!! Congrats
  6. Its beautiful.Congrats.
  7. I really like it! Lovely..congratulations!

  8. yes I saw the perle it is also very beautiful! But I too afraid of color transfer. But if youre not go for it, girl!:tup:
  9. That is so hot!!! Congrats

    Yeah the other halves do think you're a bit crazy at first but they get used to it
  10. jen!!! love your new bag!!! you lucky gal!! :smile:
  11. Congrats .. it is a beautiful colour:heart:
  12. I'm wanting this bag more and more everytime I see a picture. It looks great on you.

    Do you know if it comes in any other colors besides pearle and amarante?
  13. Wow! I love your Summit Drive! So soigne, so chic looking esp on you!!!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Cant wait to go to London (end of this month) to see them (new bags/cruise 2008) end of this month!

  14. it also comes in the pomme colour. also very beautiful!
  15. thanks girls. I truly am in love with this bag. I don't usually post my purchases but with this bag I really couldn't help myself. It's truly lovely and it would be soooo wrong not to share it with my fellow LV addicts. :smile: