Woohoo I found some sale Chloe's at Nordies!

  1. After dozens of calls to Nordstrom- I hit the jackpot!

    I spoke to Kathy at the Washington Square Nordstrom in Oregon, and she found me a black Silverado Tote for $639.

    Her # is 503-620-0555 ext 1250

    She still has an Edith satchel with shoulder strap, A chocolate Betty Satchel, a Messenger ($549) Silverado Satchels in black & tan ($719) Silverado side gathered totes in black & tan ($639)

    If anyone's still looking you might want to give her a call.

    Also she said this is the last year for the silverado, so if you want one now's the time.
  2. So nice of you to post, these sales are killing me well my bank account:shame: .
    Thanks for the update!!!!
  3. You are so welcome ali!

    I know what you mean, I'm scared to add up what I spent on bags and shoes in December and January -- I have 4 Chloes coming from Nordstrom, the large bordeaux Silverado, a black Silverado Bugatti Satchel (?) I have no idea what this looks like, a large black Silverado tote, and a black on black Paddy open top shopper. I think I'll probably keep two of them, most likely the Paddy and the black silverado tote.

    After this I'll need to go on a ban, which shouldn't be too hard because I'm not dying for any of the 2007 bags at this point.
  4. Anyone have any pictures of the totes? I have the worst time with remembering the Silverado style names.
  5. The last year for the Silverado!! Oh, no! I guess I will have to settle for 1 - although I've been thinging of a black one! (except my bank account has also taken a significant hit this sale season).
  6. Since I've been on my ban, I have bought 3 more bags:shame:. I just can't stop my self:wtf: !! I'm not crazy about the 2007 bags either:sad: . But the problem is there are so many bags from past seasons that I like and are now going on sale. Whats a girl to do;)
  7. ali_w, you are SOOOOO going to post pics of all those bags, whether or not you return some of them! hhahahaha! :yahoo::wlae:
  8. I actually just returned two black silverado's to Nordstroms. One was the Black Silverado Bugatti. I can't find the pics online but its like the Edith Bowler but in the Silverado. Its a gorgeous :heart:bag but its huge.
  9. Oh no, if that Silverado Bugatti is huge I might want to keep it... I'm screwed :sweatdrop:
  10. I have had a total of 6 chole bags this month 2 I returned oh and I forgot to mention the wallet I bought two days ago:s . I do belive I have lost my mind:yes: I just blame it on being pregnant:rolleyes: :shrugs: .
    I haven't quite figured out how to post pics but once I do I will put up the pics of all the bags but until then I will try to list them:
    New medium Tracy(whiskey)This one I took back, wasn't crazy about it
    Kerale(burgandy)much tooo big, gone back
    medium edith(mastic) in love with this bag
    Paddington doctor satchel(jade)
    Small Silverado (burgandy)
    C buckle wallet(roche)
  11. :push: Oh yeah I forgot about the paddington shopper in roche. I took that one back as well I just couldn't get use to the openning at the top, paranoid that someone could take something out and I kept having visions of my stuff falling out:wtf: . So I guess thats 7 bags not 6.
    Most of them were on sale so I couldn't resist. The only one's that were full price were the paddingtons and the wallet:shame: .
  12. ali_w, was the Medium Tracy in Whiskey on sale too? Do you mind sharing how much you paid for it? I got the one with the two pockets in the front but am interested in the one with one big pocket. TIA!
  13. It was $823 on NM's website:yes: . They still have the white one if I'm not mistaken. I bought mine from Nordies and they did a price adjustment when I told them it was on sale at Neiman's.