Woohoo! Got my new Gucci today :D

  1. This is it :smile: This is my first Gucci bag - and I love it!
    guccisima hobo.jpg
  2. congrats! it's beautiful! :smile:
  3. Congratulations! I like it!
  4. Wow congratulations.
  5. Congrats!!!!Awesome color!!!
  6. very pretty! congrats
  7. Ooooh, NICE.
  8. It's so pretty!!! :smile:
  9. Thanks all :smile: I think I need a new m/u bag & wallet now :p
  10. That is one fabulous bag, congratulations!
  11. Congrats! It's beautiful.
  12. Precious! Love the little bow on the side. Wish they came in *pink* ;)
  13. how lovely!!! congrats!!!
  14. Looking great i must say :yes: