1. Went to Saks LV,had to pick out my bday pressie.I ended up with the Damier 60..LOVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WIll post pics in a few(takin daughter to ballet first!!LOL!)Taking it to Aruba on Friday!!!!!Its so cute IRL!:heart: :drool:

    Oh and I saw the BH in dentelle..ummm..The gold dentelle is HIDEOUS.I also saw the silver Dentelle Speedy(LOVED THAT ONE!)
  2. Congrats! Happy bday! Can't wait to see pics!
  3. It's your birthday go Jill! I can't wait for the pics...will you also post the price if you don't mind:shame:
  4. Congrats Jill! I am dying for a suitcase!! Hope you have fun with it on your vaca!!!!
  6. happy b-day:balloon:
  7. lucky Jill! Great LV luggage and going to Aruba on Friday?? That is so cool, cant wait for pics!!
  8. woohoo! cant wait to see it. congrats and happy birthday!
  9. Wow! Congrats on your new suitcase & Happy Birthday! :smile: have a wonderful time in Aruba!!!:yahoo:
  10. Congrats on your present. Can we all go with you to Aruba?? :smile: Happy B-day.
  11. OMG it must be gorgeous..congrats! and Happy Bday!
    have a great time in Aruba!!
  12. HAPPY B-DAY JILL!!!! :party:

    What a great b-day gift!!! CONGRATS!!! :nuts:
  13. Happy Birthday, Jill!! Congrats on the luggage! : )
  14. jealous!! happy birthday!!
  15. Congratulations Jill, I can't wait until you post pictures! Happy Birthday! :yahoo: