WooHoo going to the mothership.....

  1. Just booked a day trip to Paris for shopping!! Of course I'll be heading straight to LV

    Based on how all you tell me about finding discontinued things in your stores that's what I'll be aiming for.

    I want a perfo cles (fuschia preferred if not orange) and something mandarin epi.

    Anybody have any other suggestion for discontinued items I should check out & see if I get lucky.

    I'm excited it's been YEARS since I was in Paris before the store was renovated!
  2. wow!!!! have fun on your shopping (spree?)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you like indigo vernis? i'd love to get something from that line!
  3. This is a dream of mine - I've always wanted to go to Paris, and when I do I'm not taking a handbag, I'm going to buy one there to use for my holiday and to be a gorgeous souvenir and keepsake from my trip to France! :tender:
  4. OMG! Your so luckyy! Hope you have a AWESOME time! Be sure to buy things.....Lots and lots of things :graucho:
  5. OT but dont forget to check out Laduree for something yummy. you need sugar to shop.
  6. OMG.. lucky thing! Have a great time shopping and sightseeing!
  7. awesome! you've GOTTA come back and report on what's new or what you see there that's unique...
  8. wooo hooooooooo have a great time!!
  9. its things like this that make me want to live in Europe :sad: i look forward to your reporting. i hope you see lots of wonderful exclusive-to-the-Mothership stuff! :nuts:
  10. ooohh, sounds dangerous!! do they have something exclusive at the mothership right now? have fun!! can't wait to hear about all the damage you do LOL!! Mr. L.A. is going too, yes?

  11. Yes he's coming too :yahoo:

    I hope there are some exclusives too, It's a little bit before the mirage release so I may get a sneeky peak
  12. Be sure and bring back lots of souvenirs :graucho:
  13. I'm sure you will get some great stuff.....take some sneak pics if you see anything interesting!!
  14. Congrats!!!! HAVE A GREAT TIME
  15. I hope you have a lovely time.

    I think everyone should experience shopping at the Paris LV.