Woohoo! Florida here I come!!

  1. wooohooo!!!

    We just got back (on Thursday) from a trip to New York & Boston & we decided we hate the UK so much, not only are we starting emmigration proceedings, but we need another holiday too, so, on Sunday we're flying out to Florida for a week of lounging by the pool & relaxing!!

    am sooooo excited!! :yahoo:

    I'm sure I'll be able to squeeze in a litle more shopping too.........
  2. Welcome to the US. I hope you love living here!!!!
  3. SNAP me too, haven't started the proceedure yet (long story) hopefully soon. Where are you thinking of moving too?

    What sort of Visa are you appling for? I'd be really interested to hear your future progress and how you find all the paper work etc.
  4. Congrats! Where in Florida are you going to be...Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach...???? I will tell you, I LOVE SO many places, but I REALLY LOVE south Florida as my home base! Let me know if you want any suggestions:smile:
  5. And ask me too!!! FL is my homeland :supacool:
  6. aww! you guys are so sweet!!

    actually, you can help me with some stufff, we got a cheapy flight/hotel offer to Orlando, but we aren't going to the parks or anything, we just want to relax & enjoy florida, not look at grown ups in furry mouse costumes....:biggrin:

    We are planning on driving out for a couple of day trips, maybe an over nighter St. Petersberg looked great! I would love to go & see teh everglades & the keys, but is that too much of a drive from O? we love driving in the states, but is it a realistic journey? any hidden gems we should go to, off teh British tourist beat?

    Label, sure! I'd be happy to keep you up to date with our proceedings! regarding visas, is really tricky, we run our own business, & are fully financially 'free' as it were, with large investments & capitol, but we don't want to commit to the strict, rigourousness of the US business visa(that having to guarantee to employ 10 people etc). so I'm looking into other options, & I have to say, the very first thing I would advise you to do is get a really good immigration lawyer/agent. I'll keep you posted:biggrin: oh, & ultimately, we want to move to California, around Palm Springs, but having said that, we totally fell head over heels in love with some cute little towns in Conneticut last week......
  7. Great! I love a holiday too!!
  8. We are hoping to move to Miami, the first time we visited we drove down from Orlando (takes approx 3 hours) only stayed a couple of days but loved it so much we knew we had to go back. Last year we went over for a month to explore a little more and even viewed a few properties. I think that will be our ultimate destination but we're considering Vegas too so hopefully soon we'll do some further exploring there to weigh one up against the other.