WOOHOO Charity Vuitton!

  1. Some of you may know that tonight I was going to a celebrity bag auction in aid of a children's charity. I had no idea what bags would be involved but I arrived and and got a list of bags to auction

    There was one Louis Vuitton it was perviously owned by Cherly Tweedy AKA Cherly Cole (I'll look for pics soon) anyway I managed to snap that baby up for £110. It is a MC Black Pochette good condition.

    They also had New York Cosmo's every penny went to charity so of course I did my bit and drank a few :tispy:it's for charity after all.

    as a result I am far to drunk to post pics now but I promise they'll be up tomorrow (you have no idea how hard typing is)

    ohh I also won a cut and blow dry at a salon, first prize was tickets to london fashion week guests of Moet damm I really wanted that but never mind
  2. wooohooooo.....can't wait to see pics!!!! Great price on the bag :smile:
  3. What a great time you had! Can't wait to see pics tomorrow!
  4. Ooh congrats! You'll so enjoy all your prizes! Off topic, but I LVOE Girls Aloud!!!
  5. Sounds like you had loads of fun. Can't wait to see your pics.
  6. Good price-and for a good cause too! Can't wait to see pics!
  7. Wow sounds like fun!

    £110 for a MC pochette - bargain! Can't wait for the pics!
  8. that is so awesome!! congrats!!!! :yahoo: :dothewave: :party:
  9. Must've been a rewarding experience for you --- you gave to charity AND you got an MC pochette at a great price!! Congratulations!!
  10. Sounds like a great event all around!
  11. thanks guys off to bed for me now see you tomorrow with pics and more details
  12. Label Addict you are so Jet Set! Can't wait to see the bag! :heart:
  13. Ok first a little background the event was in aid of a Childrens Hospice, here is the link if you want to find out more http://www.gracehouse.co.uk/about.htm

    Drummroll please the long awaited Charity Vuitton

  14. For those that don't know who the celeb is the lady in the grey dress is Cheryl Cole I've no idea who the other lady is though :confused1::p
    cheryl tweedy.jpg
  15. Oo very cute!
    Glad to hear you had fun whilst still doing your bit for charity!