WOOHOO Charity Vuitton!

Some of you may know that tonight I was going to a celebrity bag auction in aid of a children's charity. I had no idea what bags would be involved but I arrived and and got a list of bags to auction

There was one Louis Vuitton it was perviously owned by Cherly Tweedy AKA Cherly Cole (I'll look for pics soon) anyway I managed to snap that baby up for £110. It is a MC Black Pochette good condition.

They also had New York Cosmo's every penny went to charity so of course I did my bit and drank a few :tispy:it's for charity after all.

as a result I am far to drunk to post pics now but I promise they'll be up tomorrow (you have no idea how hard typing is)

ohh I also won a cut and blow dry at a salon, first prize was tickets to london fashion week guests of Moet damm I really wanted that but never mind


Hello Kitty
Feb 14, 2007
Wow sounds like fun!

£110 for a MC pochette - bargain! Can't wait for the pics!