Woof! Dog Carrier - options in LV

  1. I see LV has a dog carrier in the mono pattern - - are there any other options I wonder?

    I don't like the new Coach..not into Burberyy...saw nothing at KateSpade.

    Need to be hip;) , let me know if you can help me !
  2. So far as I know the smaller mono carrier is it for LV.
  3. My sister has the larger one. LV made an EXTREMELY RARE Blue Ostrich Tourquoise dog carrier just like the Monogram one. Somthin like $21,000.00. I have a picture of it in a magazine. I believe it never sold, just something they made.
  4. I only know of the mono sac chien. I would LVOE to see the blue ostrich tourquoise dog carrier!! Can you post a pic of it, Mattd??
  5. they have one in croc and i believe in all vachetta
  6. I've got the mono Sac Chien in the smaller version. My SA said I could S/O a damier version but the wait is at least half a year. You could also S/O various sizes if you wish.
  7. Wow!! I didn't know you could S/O a sac chien damier!! I wonder what that would look like...
  8. Just found it...

  9. Oh my, that is amazing.:drool:
  10. That is unbelievable
  11. Wow.
  12. I love LV dog carriers...however, when I take my two Chihuahuas with me, they have a stroller to ride in:smile:
  13. That would look great, but that said, I'm a fan of the damier. :wlae:

    WOW, the ostrich looks fab!
  14. Matt you just gave my dog an orgasm :wtf: she's jumping on the computer screen for that carrier; this b@#ch has taste. :nuts:
  15. When I saw the title of this thread, my first thought was...TURQUOISE OSTRICH!! I have that same magazine, and when I saw that picture for the first time...I was just:drool: :drool: !! I'm so glad Matt posted it...if I was going to have little dogs, they would HAVE to have the FABULOUS carrier!!:yes: