Woody By Mulberry

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  1. what do you guys think:

    [​IMG] this would be my 'writers' bag, with my note pads, notebooks, pens etc. i was thinking if i could find one of those antique locks i could get it attached onto the bottom flap for decoration, any thoughts or any other leather full flap messenger bags you know off?​
  2. i like it. It's sort of bohemian. The lock...I don't know...you should post pics so I can see what you mean.
  3. what do you think about the ANTONY? its smaller, looks to fit everything i would put in here vs, that this is too big for what i plan to use this for.
  4. The antony looks quite a bit smaller. Would it fit everything? I like it though. Love that wallet too, btw.
  5. the antony wallet? i didnt see that,ill gocheck it out though i am looking to buy that paul smith one.
  6. #6 Oct 19, 2008
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2008
    I love it just my thing seen one on olive it was fab
  7. Brynmore is great too and has some internal compartments and slots for pens from what i can remember. I have no idea what internal organisation there is in the woody.
  8. Bought a sheeskin choccy Brynmore on thursday from SM it is yummy will post pics tomorrow
  9. thats a gorgeous bag when i was student or still teaching i'd have gone for it.....looks like a serious writing bag.
  10. I think she means the wallet in your avatar!
  11. I think the woody looks great!:tup:
    I just really love this look , its functional as well as stylish!
  12. does anyone know the measurements for this woody?
  13. Tiree, it was about the size of the Alfie. Does that help?
  14. poppers on the woody are awkward when it stuffed full . Just to warn you .
  15. thanks for that, that helps me in my decision making