Woodbury stock... Horrible

  1. I went to woodbury saturday, they had the clear patent bags, green and pink. Some tweed bags, ugh! The shoes were horrible too and no cute earrings!
  2. bags that were clear AND patent?
  3. Yea,lol hard to explain. They were clear, but had patnet logo in the corners. One was pink and the other was a teal green. I think bluefly has them too.
  4. We need a spy who works or lives nearby to keep us from making the trip for zip. Am wondering if the outlet gets decently stocked after the season sale.
  5. Luckily, I'm not that far from it. The only deals that I've gotten there are some really cute earrings. I've never seen a bag that is worth buying in there. Plus ALL SALES FINAL policy stink! :-P
  6. I went to Woodbury Commons once, and never again. We spent several hours there and my friend and I couldn't find anything to buy, although we desperately tried. We finally ended up in Petit Bateau where they were having an extra perk...buy one get the second tee free...We each found only ONE tee shirt we liked and couldn't find a second "free" one. The color selection was awful. Our big purchase for the whole day was a combined one...we bought the 2 shirts together so one was free.
  7. I always thought I would go to Woodbury if I went to NYC but more & more people are saying "Don't waste the day!"
  8. The stock at Chanel, Dior, and Gucci, etc. in Woodbury are truly things they cannot sell in previous seasons (it's not called an outlet for no reason) – I have never seen anything worth buying, because obviously, all the good stuff would have been sold at retail long before.

    However, other brands do have goodies – DVF, Elie Tahari, etc., which you cannot find in most other outlets. However, you could find these on sale as well in your local department stores.
  9. I agree with others. I used to live about an hour from Woodbury outlets and I never once found anything worth buying at the Chanel outlet. Sometimes they have cute jewelry and accessories. Their handbag selection was usually very small and not appealing. Also, alot of their handbags looked like they had been handled excessively and were scratched up from being on display.
  10. So dissapointing to hear this, there is so much hype in Uk about Woodbury :sad:
  11. I just went to Woodbury today and found the most adorable purple caviar leather holder... fits a digital camera or a cell phone... I have never found something like that there haha, so today was a lucky day!! IMO, designer boutiques there are very hit or miss... I happened to "hit," but that usually doesn't happen :smile:
  12. ^lucky you!
  13. The Chanel in Woodbury is notoriously awful. However for Gucci, Tods, Longchamo, LeSportsac etc its very hit or miss. I think the best deasl and selection is usually around major holiday like Labor Day. The Space (prada) store I usually peek into but the prices are too high for old merchandise. I like that there is a Last Call NM and Off 5th so close to each other there.

    I think the last few times I went wasn't productive but last LB weekend I went and I got a lot of good deals and I went right before xmas too.
  14. If you don't mind me asking, how much were the tweed bags and were they classic flap tweed bags or a different style? Thank you!! :smile:

  15. I'm 15 minutes away. Maybe I can help:p