Woodbury Stock (6/22/07)

  1. In my search for a Paradiso cucciolo, I did receive this email from Alyson at Woodbury. Just thought I'd pass it on.

    We have

    Paradiso- ciao ciao ($120), luna ($157.50), trenino ($223.50)
    Inferno- nuvola ($138), luna, trenino, corriere ($138)
    Fumo- ciao ciao, buon viaggio ($120), nuvola, scuola ($129), campeggio ($120)- Many of our customers also found that the campeggio was a good size for a diaper bag.

    clearance: camo playground black- luna

    If you are interested in any of these items, please contact us via phone at the number listed below.

    Thank You

    Woodbury Common Premium Outlets
    690 Bluebird Ct
    Central Valley, NY 10917
    (P) 845-928-3328
    (F) 845-928-3905
  2. thx for the info esmeraude! :tup:
  3. wait the trenino cannot be 138?
  4. I"d be surprised if the Luna was $138 too.
  5. I think the trenino is still $223.50 and the luna is $157.50. They just didnt want to retype it on the 2nd line since it was listed on the 1st? :lol: lazy? IDK

    I wish they still had some smaller bags.. these prices are the same as SH
  6. Oh:sad:, I want an Inferno ciao.
  7. sh has one!