Woodbury Outlets - Thursday or Friday?

  1. I have the afternoons free today and tomorrow and was wondering if there's any difference in what I might find. I've heard that Friday's are better, but I'm not sure if that's true. Any advice?
  2. I think that the time you go varies on the store. Some say Thursdays are the best day to get new stuff. I spoke with a sales rep. yesterday who said that she will be putting new things out Friday night before closing so, Sat. Morning so get their early.

    On any day if you are one of the first ones to arrive you will have the best picks of the things that they have.

    Happy Shopping;)
  3. I've been told at some outlets that they get shipments daily, so at any given time, the best time to go is first thing in the morning (when the most stock is on the floor)

    Also...I know that kallison bought the patent tote on a friday and paid $179...and a few of us bought it on a saturday or sunday and got 20% off it...not sure if the sales are better on the weekends or what...
  4. Sales change over on Thursday morning.