Woodbury Outlet

  1. I am planning my first trip to the woodbury outlets next week. I really would like to purchase my first Gucci bag! If anyone has been there how is the selection and prices?

    After reading this form I am falling in love with the Britt hobe bag with the white trim. Just wondering how much that bag costs and is it still available at the Gucci stores?

    Thanks!!! :yahoo:
  2. When i went last month, the selection was not great; however, from what I understand, their new shipments go quick. I was there later in the day and not sure when their last shipment had been. I'd get there when they open and you'll probably have a better chance of finding something good. Good luck!
  3. I'm planning a trip there next spring. I've heard the very same thing. It can be hit or miss but for the most part the deals are good!

  4. I know the one in Cabazon, CA is VERY hit of miss. Every time I have been there it has been a miss
  5. ^I agree! I have yet to buy something from there but I have heard many pf'ers who have found something for them there.
  6. i'm going to woodbury next month...hopefully I can get nice BV bag and Chanel flap bag *cross finger*
  7. Never been to woodbury but I have been to gucci outlet in Secaucus, NJ and have gotten great stuff.

    From what I understand, the Chanel outlet in Woodbury rarely has bags.
  8. the one in seacaucus is that an outlet mall or just a mall? i live in pennsylvania and NJ is much closer to me. can i have the address?
  9. i was just there this weekend, but they didn't have anything I liked...very limited selection and the prices were not that much better imo...maybe you will be luckier
  10. the selections are so so, but ive managed to grab two wallets within 2 months of going..

    word of advice, never go before big holidays, esp during Black Friday or before Christmas, even two weeks before xmas is crazy!

  11. check this out to see what stores are in the area:

    it has the phone# so you can call for the exact address :smile:
  12. I was just there in Feb and I thought the selection was very so-so. Stuff that wasn't current, prices that weren't all that great, etc. Plus, the staff was mediocre at best. On guy helped with shoes a LITTLE, but the girls were very snooty. Maybe because I was wearing a burberry and not a gucci at the time, but that shouldn't matter!

    As far as the chanel goes, no, i didn't see too many bags at the chanel outlet. i think they had some wallets.

    Let's just make this quick: My report on Woodbury.

    Gucci: so so bags, decent wallets, GOOD selection of shoes, especially if you don't mind last years styles. Many belts, but prices were just ok.

    Dior: awesome selection, friendly staff, GREAT prices (got my saddle bag for under $200!)

    Dolce & Gabanna: Not too many purses. Overpriced (see below)

    Coach: great selection, very crowded

    Burberry: ok prices, GREAT accessories selction

    Chanel: Not too many bags, some wallets, lots of clothes

    PRADA: AWESOME prices on clothes; ok selection of bags but nothing I was looking for. They seemed to have more current styles than the other places. REALLY friendly staff.

    Off 5th: GREAT selection. They were just putting out a new shipment and had the SAME bag I drolled over at Dolce and Gabanna for $400 cheaper. LOTS of Ferragamo and LOTS of Burberry, too. Also, some GUCCI at about 10-20% better prices than the gucci store.

    Nieman Last Call: AWESOME shoes when I went. I got a pair of Dolce and Gabanna and a pair of Juicy for less than $50 each. LOVE THEM.

    Any questions about Woodbury, just PM me.
  13. I just purchased a medium horsebit hobo over the phone from the Woodbury Gucci outlet. Pia helped me and she was great. I am sure if you called, they may email pics or tell you what styles they have in the store. I just called and asked if they had any horsebit hobos. They had large and medium in black and carmel. I paid $689.00 instead of $1150. I didn't ask about any other styles. This was on tuesday.
  14. I got the same crap when I went into Gucci. Even a person shopping gave me a dirty look when I walked in. God I hate people!!
  15. when is good time to go there?

    when the stores in NYC chaange seasons or after their seasonal sale and leftver stuff stuff are shippined ot outlet?:confused1: