Woodbury Outlet VS. Regular shop

  1. Does anyone know the price difference between the Lesportsac shop at woodbury outlet in comparsion to the regular shop?

  2. Well the woodbury outlet prices would be less than a regular lesportsac shop because it's an outlet. As for price differences, I believe stuff is currently 25% - 50% off at the outlets depending on prints. Camo Black and Olive are at 50% off and the "newer" prints like paradiso, inferno, pirata, adios star are 25% off.
  3. the price is just like what TokidokiAngel said. But for the print that is available - regular stores carry newer print, while the outlets carry older prints...the latest print that the outlets got in was pirata, bianco and adios star - which was released in the regular stores around february this year.
  4. I just went to woodbury last weekend. They barely had anything out. Id suggest maybe going really early as I'm not sure if they stock at all later in the day and they were way too busy to help/ask questions.