Woodbury MLK weekend deals

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  1. #1 Jan 17, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2009
    Woodbury update - MLK weekend sales 1/17/09. I believe the sale ends monday for most of these deals. call before u go to make sure.

    NM last call: saw a few MJ bags, not sure what the styles were. they were buy one get one 50% off. most other items was buy 1, get 1 free.

    Saks: nothing interesting, no additional sales

    Chanel: they had about 6 handbags that were additional 40% off. they also had some other handbags that were 25% and 60% off. i don't know the styles as they didn't interest me. the sale bags with extra percentage off correspond to the color sticker on the tag. there's a sign that tells you how much additional the sale bags are. they were leather and solid colors. they had orange, cream, yellow. they also had some lambskin quilted wallets in black and brown leather.

    Prada: had some sale bags, but nothing as good as the sale bags at saks. they had the black ruffle handbag. they had a good amount of shoes, but nothing interesting.

    Burberry: they had the classic colored earmuffs for $99, glove/scarf sets, extra 30% off on select coats, huge clearance on polos for men/women. they had ALOT of the classic camel colored cashmere scarves for $199. these are the big ones. they had whtie and black rainboots with the studs on the top. i used my 25% off coupon there and they said they are no longer accepting the email printout. you need the actual card to get it. they said a memo was sent out today from corporate saying it was no longer allowed. they gave me trouble in the beginning, but eventually let me use it.

    Gucci: nothing special, it's the same stuff we've seen from the pictures SA's been sending out. i also checked out the temporary Gucci store (across from williams sonoma) and they had nothing there. they mostly have mens shoes, scarves, and around 10 bags. they had some beige GG handbags with both brown/white leather trim, the dialux leather bags, beige and black GG garment bags, guccisima keychains in green and pink, guccisima long wallets in green and pink, black small belt bags, brown and black nylon bags & makeup cases, beige gg wristlets, silver/white wristlets, the beige ostrich bags, brown and black signoria totes, agendas, pelham braided strap handbags, ALOT of duchessas in white, black, brown leather.

    these garment bags: http://www.gucci.com/us/us-english/us/sale/luggage/#0-921596-181079F4FOR9791


    Brooks Brothers: additional 60% off on a lot of regular outlet price items & sale items in the store - mens/womens dress shirts, sweaters, pants, coats etc. i was able to get womens dress shirts for about $21, dress pants for about $15

    North Face: mens black down jackets with the fur hood originally $200 ish was marked as clearance for $67. my bf got one. they had black, brown and gray mostly in large, xl and xxl. most of the youth items were additional 40%. sneakers/snow boots additional 50% off making most of the prices around $30-$50. most of the other womens/mens items were additional 40-50% off.

    BR: extra 60% on all clearance items. i was able to get sweaters for $10, pants for $15. my bf got tee shirts for $2.60 and dress shirts for $9. there was a large selection to choose from.

    Jcrew: nothing much on sale. womens dress shirts $29.97 was additional 40% off so it came out to $17 something. all sale items ending in .97 was additional 40% off.

    KB Toys: additional 60% off on all toys since they're going out of business.

    Nike: additional 20% off all sale items. i got mens tshirts for $5.57 each. large selection of other sale items for both mens/womens.

    Coach: additional 20% off all items except for clearance. there was no line today.
  2. Thank you for sharing. I wish I can go to Woodburry!
  3. Thank you for posting. Did you know how much the wallet in lambskin was?
  4. not sure - it's right when you walked in the store in a glass case. i didn't bother asking since it was right at the front so i passed it pretty quickly and forgot about it. it looked gorgeous thoughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. :tup: the store was empty except for me, the two SA's and my bf.
  5. Any good sales at the Fendi store?
  6. thanks for the info!
  7. Thank you for the info!! Did you happen to stop by Chloe?:yes:
  8. i didn't go to chloe or fendi. from the outside, they looked pretty empty...
  9. Those Chanel wallets you are referring to were not in the sale case.
  10. i didn't say they were on sale and you are right, they are not on sale. i was only reporting what i saw in the chanel store in case anyone wanted to know...
  11. Thanks for posting! Do you remember how much trench coats are at Burberry? Trying to decide if it's worth the trip up.
  12. i don't remember the prices exactly since they had a few styles. call and ask =) it was busy, but i'm sure they'll pick up. they had extra 30% off some styles. they had a lot of the packable trenches and quilted coats.