Woodbury commons! Worth it to go?

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  1. Hey all I'm thinking of going to woodbury commons tomorrow does anyone know if it is worth going right now or should I still wait?...thanx!
  2. i would also like to know. sounds like fun!
  3. It's hit or miss there, I would think now before the holidays everything would probably be sold out or there are some great buys. My sister goes there quite often but she never goes planning to buy a certain item, she just keeps her eyes open for the bargins. Sometimes she does great and other times she does not buy anything. I would think it would be a zoo with the crowds this time of year.
  4. Yea I went twice this year, and the crowds will probably be pretty bad right now, I would definantely go as early as possible! Probably get there around 9: 30, since everything opens at 10.. just to be sure that you will get a park right away!! Its either hit or miss (I agree with gillianna) Sometimes i find good deals, sometimes not.. goodluck!
  5. You should definitely go but not right now… I always go at the beginning of a season when the selection is better and they are fully stocked.
  6. If you decide to go, first go on their website (chelseapremiumoutlets.com) and register. You can get a coupon to pick up a coupon book at the outlets. It has some extra discounts for some of the stores. I agree with the others -it is completely hit or miss. (And I think it opens at 9 am now for the holidays).
  7. I always have good luck at Woodbury! I think you will get some good deals now ... better prices but less selection after Xmas. My favorite stores are Theory, Cole Haan, Burberry and SFA Off Fifth. Have fun and report back:yes:
  8. It is always worth it to go, but I think it will be insanely busy there right now. Even on normal weekends it is always really crowded.
  9. I went saturday night. NOTHING. I couldn't find any decent gifts, and I hit coach, which was totally desolate, it was not worth it, they basically had the outlet stuff and the plain wallets. burberry didn't have anything, but they did have scarves, kate spade has a decent sale if you like KS, I didn't get to hit gucci or chanel, but I'm guessing their going to be empty considering xmas is right on our arses. If its near you then go ahead, but if you go out of your way wait a couple days after xmas, when the returns and such come in.
  10. Oh I can't wait until spring!
  11. I went today acutally! It's not horrible...I went in the morning so there were no crowds it was good. But for shopping I wasn't to impressed. Off Fifth had some coach bags and Marc Jacobs..the ones everyone is going crazy over at the Marc Jacobs sale in the store the other day..the Selma bag I think. It's alright. There were some nice Coach bags, not bad. Fendi didn't have much, nor Gucci. Dior had some nice saddles and bags, it was good. I did my shopping for clothes and such. They have a Timberland outlet and Guess outlet which was good. The Clavin Klein had some bags too, Donna Karen was good for clothes, and a few other stores. I mean it's not horrible but it's good to kill a day.
  12. love gucci? i would say YES!!!
  13. i havent been there for years....
    anybody wanna go with me this weekend? i am going back east... this might be my only chance to go to woodbury commons unless i get to go back east again next year....
  14. They usually don't have much around this time of year.