Woodbury commons vs. ithaca

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  1. I'm trying to make travel plans to pick up one of my kids, should I fly into JFK and drive to Woodbury- stay a night and then drive 3 more hrs to Ithaca or should I just forget it and just go to Ithaca.

    I'm planning on only spending one night in New York State.

    Would the traffic out of JFK in the morning be a nightmare?

    Is Ithaca a beautiful place to visit?
  2. Is your kid in Ithaca? I don't know about the traffic, but I lived in Ithaca for five years and it really is beautiful. Especially this time of year. If the weather is ok, you would definitely enjoy walking around the water falls, gorges, and town.

    Ithaca has an airport too. Sometimes it's not much more expensive to just fly straight there rather than connecting in JFK. I'm not sure though, that I completely understand your plans:smile:
  3. I went to school at Cornell and it is beautiful. I always flew out of the Ithaca airport though sometimes in the winter we would be diverted to Corning or Syracuse if there was bad weather as the runway is shorter in Ithaca.

    Not sure about logistical stuff but would say that a visit to Ithaca is worth it!
  4. The traffic from JFK to Woodbury won't be too bad unless there is an accident. There are alot of cars on the road, but it won't slow to a stop unless something happened. Most mornings I haven't had a problem and I lived near the airport.
  5. I guess I didn't make myself too clear. I have one kid in Cornell summer school.

    I'm trying to decide if I should fly just to Ithaca or to JFK?

    The airfare is nearly the same, so the main issue is: Would I be stressing myself out too much to go from JFK to shop at Woodbury and then drive to Ithaca and then fly home from Ithaca or would I be bored to death in Ithaca?

    Ithaca sounds like it would be pretty, and I've read that Woodbury is hit or miss?

    I've not been to either place, so I'm pretty much clueless.
  6. I graduated quite awhile ago but I am guessing that the shopping has not improved so if you are looking for that, I would skip Ithaca. That being said, it is a cute college town. The area nearby is beautiful. The campus itself is gorgeous
  7. Actually I really enjoy the outdoors- but I'm probably not capable of backpacking. Thanks for the help everyone. Think that Woodbury doesn't sound that exciting and Ithaca sounds like a pretty place to visit. I hope there's good food there, I'm wanting to try Moosewood.
  8. I also went to Cornell a long time ago (chigirl, I PMd you) and loved Ithaca in the summer. It's definitely worth spending some time there. Is this is a parents' weekend visit for summer session students? If so, they'll have stuff planned for parents to do and your child will probably want to show you around.

    The Cornell campus is really beautiful and adjacent Collegetown has a lot of good restaurants...but the shopping there is bleh (at least from years ago).

    Downtown Ithaca Commons is a pedestrian mall with a few interesting shops and restaurants. Out of town but nearby are a few state parks with pretty gorges and hiking trails (if you're into that). And just up the lake are small wineries that offer wine tastings.


    Woodbury is HUGE with great outlets and you'll definitely have fun shopping there :yes: but honestly, it may tire you out. Then consider you have to get on the road for about 4ish, 5ish (?) hour drive to Ithaca through some of the most god-awful boring road. And there is NOTHING - and I mean NOTHING - from about 30 minutes north of Woodbury Commons to Binghamton, and then you're still at least an hour to Ithaca. zzzzzzzz. If you have another driver with you on the trip, that would definitely help.
  9. I would skip Woodbury and go straight to Ithaca. My son just graduated from Cornell. It really is beautiful at this time of year and there are lots of cute places to eat but virtually no serious shopping. If you're looking for cute clothes check out Pookie and Sebastien. Ithaca and the surrounding area is worth seeing. There are cute bed and Breakfast inns and the Statler has a hotel right on campus.
  10. Ithaca has lots of great walking trails, so you don't need to be a vigorous backpacker to enjoy them. Cornell itself is lovely to walk around. There is a little lake right there (beebe lake) and a great suspension bridge. Also a terrific view of the lake.

    In addition, you might stop at either buttermilk or Tougkanic (sp?) falls, or go down to Stewart Park by the lake for a liesurely walk. Your child will probably know where all these things are.

    It's neat to hear that so many others have Cornell connections. I went for grad school. Go big red, lol!! :cool:
  11. Redney- I don't think there is a planned program, there's just one at the beginning of the session. But thanks for the info, I'll be solo and that long ride sounds dreadful, and hazardous-if I fall asleep.

    I've heard of the gorge, maybe I'll go visit with my son.

    MandM- the falls sound interesting, are they nearby? Is it a long hike to get to them? I've been disappointed by waterfalls where I hiked for a couple hours only to find a 20 foot waterfall that was drying out.

    Deborahsue- what bed and breakfast did you stay at? Did you like it?
  12. Here is some info about my favorite parks. You can actually drive right up to get very close to the waterfalls and pretty views. Usually you need to walk for fifteen minutes or so to get really close -- but it's easy walking! Then there are trails, so you have the option of hiking much longer.

    Here's Taughannock (about a twenty minute drive from Cornell), you can view the falls from both top and bottom:

    Here's Buttermilk Falls (literally about ten minutes away) There's a trail so you can walk the whole way up along side of it, it's really fun:

    Robert Treman is also exceptionally beautiful and also very close:

    Buttermilk and Treman are closest. I'd also go down to the waterfront at Stewart Park (this park is just little w/ no trails, but the view is pretty.

    Let me know if anyone has any other questions. I love Ithaca:biggrin: