Woodbury Commons Tomorrow Here I Come! :)

  1. yaay im so psyched i havent been in ages but all this hype over the red hair band/scarf had me going nuts so i put one on hold for me (and 2 for fellow TPFers!)

    SO i am going to pick them up tomorrow im sure along with a few other things heeh!!!!

    i am so excited because its been so long since ive gone there i dont know what to expect

    i seem to remember really good prices? am i right! or are they just ok!?!!?

    if anyone is searching for something not too $$ (cause i dont have massive $$ in my bank acct)

    But if there is something like a wristlet, or mini skinny or coin purse or scarf you are DYING for PM me maybe i can find it/pick it up for you

    **but if i do maybe a few xtra bucks for gas $$ :smile: cause its like 1 1/2 hr drive from me and so i am trying to pay for gas too if i manage to pick stuff up for ppl (is that really bad to ask eek i hope not,, its a long drive hehe and that way we both win!!)

    (AND if you are looking for those red hair scarves/hair bands let me know too cause i think there were a few more if they are still there when i go)

  2. Let us know what you find!!
  3. thank you!!! :smile: i will def. report back

    i guess no one else has gone there??? no opinions? :smile:
  4. I love Woodbury Commons but sorry I can't comment on what they have because I haven't been since Jan when I was home for winter break. :smile:
  5. Well, since you offered maybe you can find me a COACH LEGACY WHITE WRISTLET? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! It retails for $98 online. hope it can be ALOT cheaper there (no prob abt the extra $$ for gas hehe)
  6. i will for sure keep my eyes peeled for it :smile: if i see it ill pick it up BUT IF ITS WHAT PRICE SHOULD I NOT! !:smile:
    just so i know !
  7. i just pmed u! :smile:

    i had a blast there today i would say evening is an AWSOME time to go! :smile: me and my friend got there about 5 stayed till they closed at 9

    it was so much fun coach had some AMAZING DEALS! :smile:

    lets see 1)no legacy stuff :sad: sorry ladies

    they had a large size agenda thing with signature brown CC print for $110

    They had really large soft leather hobos with a nice big buckle in black, and in tan and i think in white and silver too really big size for like $180

    i was SOO close to buying it but i have a smalllller version and i couldnt do it! :smile: hehe

    and they had suede hobos on clearance for like $90 or something crazy!!!!

    and it was AMAZING! :smile:

    I got 3 of my fellow TPFers (and one for me) the Red headband scarves that the lady was wearing on this seasons catalogue!!!

    Im really happy i went it was fun!!!! def. plan to go back YAY
  9. helplslush!!!!

    I am so glad you had a good time at Woodbury Common Plaza. I usually go up there two to three times a year.
    I hope to go up there sometime in June or July. They always have such great deals on the Coach Bags up there and I always find something for me or for a friend.
    I am glad your shopping trip was successful.

    BTW, Which Ergo did you decide to buy? I am still trying to figure out which one I am going to keep.
    I do think that I will switch my Ergo tote to the Camel one which can be used all year round and keep the turquoise hobo for the spring/summer season. I also
    ordered the white hobo and I really don't need so much from the Ergo line. Decisions, decisions. I am not worried about returning the three or four things out of the items I purchased as my purchase was a large one.

  10. Congrats on getting your headband
  11. thanks blew!!!!

    and LIZ: :smile: i really wanted the hobo and the ergo but i know that i just dont need 2 bags too similar SO i decided on the Ergo TOTE large in turquoise!!! :smile:

    It should be arriving soon i am psyched !!!! Its so beautiful and i wear tons of black and am a "bright" kind of lady i just felt the camel was too muted for me the blue i think will be a great pop!!!!

    i cant wait to get it you will of course see 11100000 pictures when she gets here!!!! hehe

    let me know what you do! so many hard choices!
  12. Just curious .. how much were the headbands? They are so cute