Woodbury Commons - This Weekend

  1. Hey girls!

    I know there are a million threads about Woodbury Commons, lol. Is anyone planning to take a trip there this weekend or has been recently? I'm wanting to go, but wondering what the inventory in the stores is like after Christmas and if there are any good deals and sales going on.

    Report back if you go! I'm wondering if the trip is worth it this time of year or not. Thanks!
  2. I'm actually going tomorrow - I'll have to let you know! Anything specific you're looking for?
  3. How is the NM and SFA stores? Do they have good stuff?

  4. The Saks Off Fifth didn't really have anything today, but I got a pair of Manolos for $224 at Neimans.
  5. Oh thats a great deal!!
  6. Has anyone been to the Gucci outlet? Just wondering if it's worth the trip...(Njersey outlet?)
  7. I would say yes. :smile: I was at the Woodbury Common store last weekend and got a Bouvier bag in green suede with snakeskin trim, marked down from $1290 to $519. :yahoo:
  8. Thanks for the reports so far! I'm not looking for anything in particular, other than awesome sales and prices!

    I thought about going up there today, but the yucky weather held me back.
  9. Thanks for the post!
  10. Does the lesportsac outlet there have the tokidoki stuff? TIA!
  11. I was there today, purchased a Chanel Fuschia satin evening bag for $296! As for the Gucci outlet, YES! The bags were reasonable, and they had a great selection of shoes.
  12. Yes they have tokidoki stuff.
  13. fendi also had a fantastic selection of shoes/bags/sunglasses!
  14. Anything with the B buckle?