Woodbury Commons outlets are open at midnight after Thanksgiving!!!

  1. Don't know if you guys have visited Woodbury Commons outlets in NY, they are fantastic....they said that some stores (to be announced) will be open at midnight on Thanksgiving night...i'm assuming there are going to be some great deals!!! there are some great handbag stores=chanel, fendi, dior, gucci tumi, coach, kate spade, too many to list!
  2. Wow. I am planning to go the day after thanksgiving. Put on my sweatsuit, sneakers and fuel on some energy drinks and get ready to tear those stores apart.
  3. i have to figure out what to do with my kids..i may go the next day too! don't forget the VIP coupon book from online too...
  4. I went last year, the day after Thanksgiving. It started out with waiting in line on the freeway, just to get to the exit! Parking was a headache, even valet parking. All the good stores like Chanel and Gucci had lines outside, where they had the one-in-one-out rule. It was like we were waiting to get into a hot new bar or club. There were some good sales though.
  5. Wow...I didn't think they would open at midnight. I love that outlet but I'll be in VA that weekend so I'll probably end up going to the one in Leesburg.
  6. I went last year when they open up at midnight. I got there about 12:30am and the parking lot was already 90% full! I am going in the early morning instead this year (6am) because there wasn't enough stores open at midnight, so there was a long wait (1 hr standing in the freezing cold) to get into those that were open. Definitely not worth going at midnight.
  7. I work at the Woodbury Commons. About 52% of the stores are openeing at midnight. But it is CRAZY that whole weekend. If you are coming...be prepared to sit in traffic...and lots of it. Even if you come at midnight, there will be traffic. Most of the high end stores don't open at midnight though. I'm mot sure but I dont think Chanel, Dior, etc... will be opening until 7am. I def. know Fendi won't be! But you can definitely get some great deals!!!!
  8. I went to a Premium Outlet "midnight madness" last year (Gilroy premium outlet in CA) and even though we were 20 mins. early, it was near impossible to get parking!!

    And I was surprised at how insanely packed it was, even at midnight!
  9. There were only about 30 stores at max open last year at midnight. It wasn't too bad getting into the parking lot, but it took us more then an hour getting out when we were leaving. Craziness!!
  10. Everyone who have been - Was there good stuff? (esp. handbags?)
  11. Spiralsnowman, I have gotten quite a few handbags from upthere. 2 Diors, 3 Guccis, 2 Fendi, 5 Pradas, 2 MiuMiu, and some amazing designer shoes. Oh! it's like a candy store. And if you are interested in other stuff, they have the most exquisite furniture at Last Call, Neiman Marcus. I think you should definetely go and visit for a first hand experience. By the way I have only gone there the day after Thanksgiving only once and never again. I always make the trip on weekdays, you know that way you still have your sanity. Enjoy when you do go, it will be worth your time.
  12. Thanks bebe! You have me drooling... :biggrin:
  13. I would never go there again on a holiday. I went this past Colombus day weekend and it took TWO HOURS, I'm not exaggerating, just to get out of the parking lot. Nevermind the 1 hr of traffic I sat in on the thruway. I spent more time in the car trying to get home than I did shopping! Just a heads up!

    And I must add that it wasn't worth it since I bought nothing. Every store was a mess, and each store had it's maximum limit of customers so it was impossible to see anything.
  14. Okay- So My Plans Were To Go On Black Friday- But Now I'm Thinking Twice About It-it's Either Friday Or Sunday- But I'm Worried That Nothing Will Be Left On Sunday- All The Good Things Gone---know What I Mean--help What Should I Do?
  15. next weekend?thereis a sale at off Saks ithink and others