Woodbury Commons on Black Friday

  1. hello fellow tpfers!

    i just checked out the woodbury commons website to find out what kinds of discounts will be offered to what store.. nothing posted as of today

    i was just there yesterday... i took a peek at the prada/miu miu, dior, fendi, and ysl stores and it seems the shelves were just re-stocked... any one knows anything going on for the aforementioned stores on black friday??

    i would really appreciate any info :O)

  2. i would love to hear too! but i actually dont plan to go because i cannot deal with the insanity, ive heard its crazzy and i love a good deal but there is only so much i can do for one, and i dont have that much $ to spend right now BUUUT i would still love to hear what to expect and everyones stories after the sale :smile:
  3. last year a few friends and i decided to go to woodbury after thanksgiving at midnight because they open up...........well, to make a long story short, about a mile from the exit everyone was STANDING! after moving about 1/2 a mile in a 45 min time period, we decided to go home. the thought of finding parking made us sick lol
  4. you went at midnight and were still too late?!

    ok.. i WAS planning on going there to do some christmas shopping - BUT i also have to drive an hour from where I live to get there. SO, maybe - just maybe - i'll have to rethink my little excursion...

    i would still love to know what types of specails they offer on black friday though :yes:

  5. I go to wrentham outlets (same company as woodbury) on black friday. I found that it's insanely mobbed at 12:00 midnight -- however if you go around 4am, it's DEAD. Seems the midnight shoppers lack some shopping stamina :smile:

    Sooo most of the deals say "midnight to 6:00am" so even arriving at 4:00 am, you can still get the deals.
  6. yeah when ive gone in the past 2 years I got there around 11 found EASY parking.. basically right infront and stayed and shopped until 6am!!!! HORRIBLE!! I came home basically empty handed both times so I decided I am not gonna do that to myself again this year. I would rather go to best buy :p It is so hectic, people crowding around everything. I didnt find any AWESOME deals that was worth standing on an hr line to get tot he registers.
  7. someone posted this on another thread....


    none of the stores i had in mind (prada, dior, gucci, ysl, and fendi) will be open for midnight madness nor are there any posted special deals... i may just let this one slide..

    getting there at 5 am sounds doable tho - thanks for the tip finzup! :smile:

  8. yeah me too, about an hour and a half drive from staten island to woodbury....all that to wait for 45 mins and make ANOTHER hour and a half drive home......lol live and learn i guess
  9. i live a few minutes away. i do not go near there on the weekends or any holidays. a few years back the wait time to get out of the parking lot was six hours! so not worth it.
  10. i totally believe it!

    i was just there this weekend hoping to find some veteran's day specials, but ended up with nothing.. it looks like there is only ONE exit out of the whole place so it was REALLY backed up on the way out... i decided to wait the traffic out. by closing time, it was pretty smooth sailing...
  11. iF u r a regular at GUCCI, PRADA, TODS, Dolce & Gabana etc..u will be notified of sales.:yes:..i know my FAV brand is having sale on thanksgiving as she jsut called me today.. i am going down this weekend ot reserve it and they will charge it during the sale..that way i avoid the line and can get away for thinakgiving..:wlae:
  12. for some of you that have gone to woodbury after thanksgiving, did the high end designer store have additional discounts on black friday?

  13. Oooh, I've been so tempted this year. Does Ballys ever have anything good? Otherwise, I probably won't end up going and will just go to Uniqlo for some nice sweaters!

    Anyone gone to Riverhead? I wouldn't mind checking out Barney's there.
  14. boy, am i glad i didn't go!!!

    i was watching the news yesterday and found out that it took about 2-3 hours just to get to the parking lot!!! pure madness!!!!