Woodbury Commons (NY) Memorial Day Sale?

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  1. I recieved an email notification that there is going to be a Memorial Day Weekend Sale at Woodbury Commons...

    Anyone know anything about this?

    I was planning on going but it's about a 2 hour drive from my house... Just wanna make sure it's worth the trip... :smile:
  2. I would like to know as well! I have always heard good things about the Woodbury Commons in general, but I don't want to drag my ass upstate if I don't have to.

    You can walk till you don't feel your legs and you are still not done! Then again, it could be just me haha!

    I love it there! Then again that's because I don't go there a lot...
  4. You'd better get there as soon as they open because the place will be a madhouse on a holiday weekend. Great shopping though!
  5. Woodbury is a must shop!! Whenever I go to NY I won't spend a single dollar until I've been there because of the amazing bargains you can find.

    On my last trip I got a stunning Prada handprinted coat that was originally $3,500 for $1,000! Check out Space, they are the Prada and Miu Miu store
  6. Hmmm...you all are speaking so highly of it, I think I may have to. Actually, now that I think about it, I think that is where my aunt got a Fendi Spy for $800! I definitely should go!
  7. You should definitely go and check the stuff out!
    I went at a non-peak season and I was able to find a lot of deals already - Memorial Weekend would probably be tons of deals!

    You are so close to that place! You really have to go at least once to check it out!

    Just so you know - I got a gucci for $600 - original was like $1800 lol (I'll see if I can find a name for that bag - but its all leather with the gucci bamboo buckle embossed all over it)
  8. thanks for the feedback ladies! i'm definitely going... i just got my bonus today and i plan on doing some serious damaage on my debit card!!! :yahoo:

    i plan on going (er.. making my husband drive me) there early! last time i went there, i arrived right before opening... we found a really good parking spot and it was nice not having to bump into people! of course it was jampacked by lunchtime...
  9. whoa! it's also still "national military appreciation month"!!! good thing, my husband is coming (he's in the US Army) :wlae:

    thanks for the link, sleepyjae!!
  10. I work @ Fendi in that mall, so I can tell you that our sale is 15% off all of our shoes (Fall/winter 07 most cureent in store), all handbags (we only have the spy hobo and we don't have b bags either), and all wallets and accessories.

    I think Saks is having buy one get one half off.

    And I don't know about the rest of the 220 stores, but I wonder about Jimmy Choo (they just opened)!!!!!
  11. Just got back from Woodbury Commons today. Sales were ok. Jimmy Choo was 25% off, loved a pair of sandals there but they were like $425, less 25% isn't in my budget, at least for sandals, boots maybe... Dior had a few pairs of sunglasses left at 50% off. Theory had a sales rack, not much though. Maybe 50% off original price. Banana Republic had some good deals if you don't mind the madhouse inside. Got an awesome pair of boots (saving them for the winter) from Camper, originally $200, for $60. Saks off 5th is having a buy one, get one half price sale. Betsey Johnson shoes are $40 but not much to choose from. Got a great pair of Juicy Couture sunglasses from Neiman Last Call for like $69, orig. $220. Michael Kors bags are 25% off but some are marked down already so maybe 50% off total. The sale says that their shoes are 50% off but the MK store doesn't carry shoes anymore. I think Kate Spade was 20% off but I'm not 100%. I didn't see any bargains in Gucci. The sales were better than the last time I was there and it was a great day to be outside so I think it's worth it. Hope this helps!
  12. ^^ Did you check out Space?
  13. I go to Woodbury Common every time I fly to New York. I have gotten amazing deals -- a Celine Boogie bag for $300. A Tod's Moccasino bag in black for $375. Great shoes at Donald Pliner. Lots of clothes at DKNY. Always a pan at Le Creuset... It is FABULOUS.
  14. thanks so much for the tips fendilover and derbygirl!!!

    i've only been there couple of times...
    i bought a couple of ysl totes.. one for only $299 from $899 and the other $199 from $599... a couple of d&b bags one for $49 from $150 and $58 from $190... 3 coach bags all additional 20% off sale prices...

    i'm definitely going tomorrow!!! i have a feeling tomorrows visit won't be any different from my other two visits.. so, i better go clean out my trunk to make room :smile: