Woodbury Commons Deals!

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  1. Just got back from Woodbury Commons... figured I'd pass along some of the better deals:

    Tod's had the Hogan bags for 60 off, and Tod's bags for 50 off.

    Escada had some great deals - 30 percent off the whole store, making most jackets around the $200 range (from over $1000)

    Etro had 75 percent off almost all womens, with some GORGEOUS stuff -- it still rang up expensive, but there were some stunning silk gowns for about $400 from thousands.

    One of the BEST deals there had to be at the Carolina Herrera outlet: The entire store was 50 off, but there was a rack in the back with women's slacks and blouses for $19.99, and men's seersucker and linen blazers for $39.99. That's as cheap as I've ever seen!

    Dior was 75 percent off. (Prices marked.) And Barney's was an additional 60 percent off of sale - they had a lot of Barney's shoes and sweaters for around $30.

    Gucci was the usual, same with Jimmy Choo, nothing special at Ferragamo and Burberry had some bags for 40 off - giant leather quilted bags for $600.

    Anyway, hope this helps! I froze today to pass on these deals ;)
  2. Thank you so much for the scoop!
  3. Hi all!! im wondering this weekend will be the presidents day weekend sale in the outlet malls.. does anyone know which one is better to check out.. i could reach the woodbury and the ones in jersey.. looking for shoes and bags.. thanks alot!
  4. txhs for head up...:tup: i thot there will eb more discount:sweatdrop:
  5. By far the best outlets I've been to
  6. Any idea on which dior bags they had? (I'm going to check the dior board, too, of course, but I thought you might know...)