Woodbury Commons Chanel Outlet?!

  1. I'm hopefully going to Woodbury Commons tomorrow, and I know that the majority of the stores are having Columbus Day sales, so is the Chanel outlet having one? Thanks!
  2. I'm only going today most likely, but did you go?
  3. Most of the time, you can't find anything good at the Chanel outlet there. Its mostly things from last year. You might get lucky though.
  4. usually they have a lot of chanel sports items like ski suits and whatnot :smile: i managed to get a cute pair of those chunky heeled shoes from a few seasons ago for a great price! from $555 down to 180 i think. sometimes you get a great deal with their shoes...
  5. There's a Chanel outlet?? Where? I love it, but it's too expensive at full price! I'm from PA, but I'm still curious. (That was random, wasn't it?) Also, I've heard that the Saks outlet has Chanel stuff. Is this true? If so, is it any good and any cheaper? Just curious.
  6. The Chanel outlet in NY isn't too far from NYC (maybe an hour or so?) - Woodbury Common. The Chanel outlet doesn't have a lot, but the deals are pretty good. I've never seen Chanel at the Saks outlet but maybe I just wasn't looking hard enough, or there wasn't any when I was there. There's also a Neiman Marcus outlet, and lots of other great stores like Fendi and Tod's.
  7. I recently heard that there was a chanel outlet in new york. (hmmm...) Has anyone been? What do they carry? How good of a deal can you get there? Is it worth a trip?

    Thanks guys
  8. I've been there a couple of times. They had some clothing from the previous system and a lot of costume jewelry. Selection of bags and shoes are hit or miss. I don't think they ship - you have to actually physically go to the store.
  9. ^ How are the prices there?
  10. The prices are okay if you find something you like. It really is hit or miss. It is in Woodbury Commons.
  11. Hey! As the girls before me have said, the outlet you're talking about is Chanel at the Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets in Cherry Valley, NY. I've been there three times, and from what I've seen they primarily carry clothing and a decent collection of costume jewelry. (I actually got a pair of the neon pink resin CC post earrings from the S/S05 collection there for $90 last day-after-Thanksgiving!) There's an area toward the bacl-left corner where they've got shoes and bags...a small collection each time I've been there.

    BUT...if you have a chance to go to the outlets, GO! It's a really fun day trip and there's a lot to look at. I was just there about a month ago and scored a pair of black Mukluk boots at the Neiman Marcus outlet. I've also found great deals at Prada and Dior. It's worth the trip.
  12. Does anyone know if there's a Chanel outlet somewhere in California? I would love to visit one.
  13. Hi I want to get a Cambon tote perferrably the large size. And was wondering if the outlets carry them? or any of the Cambon line?

    If not where can I get them and what are they going for now?

  14. Cambons are still available in the stores. My NM always has a healthy stock when I shop there.
  15. Thanks Sorry for posting in wrong Catagory.

    How much are they?