Woodbury Common Premium Outlets in NY

  1. Looks like most of the high-end stores there, are having additional discounts off..has anyone been there before? Would it be worth the time and trouble?

  2. is anyone going can they help me do a makeup CP?
  3. I was there yesterday (sat)..it was so crowded!! There were definitely good deals to be had but I skipped some stores (BR, Gap, RL) simply b/c they were too crowded or the lines upon entering were so long. If you go...go early in AM. By noon it was crazy! DH and I still managed to do damage though.
  4. I would love to but there is still a 10% chance that I wouldn't go :girlsigh:

  5. Thanks,that helps!
  6. woodbury is HUGE and you cannot finish shopping in a day unless you only have a few stores in mind. i went BOTH saturday AND today (sunday) and i still wasn't really REALLY done. labor day weekend is always jam-packed with deals - it is definitely worth going to. tomorrow is the last day of the sale so prices are likely to lower even more but you will get stuff thats been picked over, most likely. and YES. i agree - GO EARLY AS POSSIBLE!

    the only early-bird special i saw online was A/X - they have extra savings from 7-10 am.

    definitely check out the website for some coupons - sign up for their VIP pass - you get a free voucher for their coupon booklet but their coupons suck. its mostly $10 off a $200 purchase or something - but they can be useful if ur shopping a lot!

    best of luck and hope you make it back with a lot of stuff!!
  7. it's worth it but it will be so crowded..at first plan which stores you most want to look and wear comfortable shoes
  8. :drool:

    sounjade,thanks a lot...I will be oing there tomorrow..Hopefully, I will get some stuff of my wishlist soon
  9. I went yesterday and it was so crowded--even when we got there at 10:30!

    I didn't look too much at bag places, since I was focused on back-to-school clothes (I'm a teacher). Banana is having ridiculous sales and if you get one of the coupon books it's an extra 15% off. The line is long, but it moves pretty quickly. Off 5th was having buy one get one 1/2 off and Neimans was doing take an extra 20% off lots of things. DVF had lots of cute dresses on sale and the Barneys outlet was taking 60% off all of their sale items (I got two dresses for $50).
  10. I wish I was going :sad: i will just probably go to my local outlet that is 20 mins away.
  11. I was there yesterday around 10:30am & it wasn't too crowded. By the time noon came around it was soooo crowded. I couldn't even get into some stores but I did do some damage at Coach & Gucci!
  12. I love Woodbury Commons but I'm saving my sale shopping for Thanksgiving, I got ALL my xmas presents there last year!
  13. I finally went, but it was a bit disappointing!:tdown:....only picked up a few tops from Armani. There were queues at Burberry Sample sale and Coach...regular Burberry store didn't have as much bags as I expected....
  14. We are going to NYC around Thanksgiving and I am making my hubby drive all the way from Chicago so we can go there and manage to get all my shopping home!
    My advice is to decide which shops you definitely want to go in and stay out of the others, it's easy to waste time looking in shops that may have that elusive bargain you didn't know you even wanted, and to go as early or as late as you can!