Woodbury Common Outlet

  1. Can anybody tell me what kinda stuff they have bought and what price for at the outlet?

    Espesh Chanel, Dior, Juicy and UGG, thanks guys!!!
  2. My sister shops there often but has never talked about any wonderful deals. My friend has bought me beautiful Oilily clothing for my kids but all the Oilily outlets seem to have good clearance racks. My sister always says Chanel has things but is very limited in bags. They do have good sales on holiday weekends but traffic is horrible and the lines to get in the stores are crazy. It would be a fun trip to just go and see what is there and if one gets lucky great but not to expect all these fantastic deals.
  3. Use to live in NY near Woodbury. The traffic was bad and parking, plus you do not want to go in the winter on a cold day. Its not enclosed mall, you have to walk outside from store to store.

    Never really found anything great there, but that was me!
  4. I actually think that this is the best outlet shopping in the country for higher end designer goods. The Saks and the Neimans outlets are decent and there's a chanel if you are interested in that (I believe it's the only chanel outlet stateside). As with most outlets, you really have to be patient and you have to dig to find the bargains. I make this a day trip when I go so I'm not rushed. Good luck.
  5. I think it's a better than a few others in the NYC area. Not too bad you'd probably catch better deals at the off fifth rack and so on then like the Fendi/Chanel outlet.
  6. The juicy outlet is really nothing special. Lots of stuff but definitely not outlet prices. You can do much better at Saks or NM on sale. The kate spade outlet always has pretty good deals if you like that (I have gotten some cute bags for $70).
  7. The prices at UGG cost the same as the price in stores.
  8. Chanel is not so great. They rarely have bags, and if they do, usually nothing you would want. Some TPF'rs have bought jewelry.
  9. The juicy outlet is not good at all. An example of a typical find there would be a $98 hoodie marked down to $89. You have a much better chance finding a good deal at one of neiman's sales.
  10. The Chanel outlet used to be amazing but the last three or four times I've been there I walked away empty handed.

    Neimans and Saks are great for jeans and all the US brands we pay a fortune for in Selfridges and Harvey Nicks. The Barneys outlet tends to be full of Co-Op stuff which I'm not a fan of. I have seen Blahnik in there at pretty good discounts but sizes tend to be very limited.

    Dior can be good. Space which is the Prada store has some amazing deals, I got a $3,000 coat for $750! Juicy isn't very cheap compared to the full US retail but is MUCH cheaper than here.

    I go to Woodbury everytime I'm in the NY area and will be hitting it again in 2 weeks.
  11. I will be in NYC for three full days next month. Is it worth heading down there?

    Can you get there from the city using public transportation?

    Thanks in advance!
  12. How much are the Chanel bags at the outlet?
  13. I go a couple times a year and I always find great stuff. I was there a few months ago and purchased a Gucci travel bag for $500, Fendi sandals for $100 and a Dooney wristlet for $20. Good Stuff!
  14. How Fortunate That I Live Fifteen Minutes Away. My Husband Is Always In Disbelief That People From Around The Country And The World Plan Trips To Come Here. I Use It As A Mall Since The Only Mall In The General Local Vicinity Is Crap! The Juicy Outlet Does Stink. I Get Better Discounts On Line On More Current Nicer Stuff. They Only Discunt 20%. Occasionally Some Things Are On Sale But They Are The Dregs. I Wonder If Some Of The Stuff Is For The Outlet Since I Have Never Seen Much Of Their Stuff Anywhere Else.
    Many Of The Stores Do Carry Their Own Outlet Only Merchandise, So Beware. You Should Know Prices First.
    I Love Elie Tahari. Gorgeous Stuff And Less Than Retail. At The End Of The Season It Is Quite Picked Over.
    I Get Good Deals At Cole Haan. Ugg Is Retail Priced Mostly. I Like The 2 Cosmetics Outlets. One Carries Bobbi Brown. At The Other I Recently Bought Kiehls Shower Gel For $7 Each.
    Some Of The Less Prestigious Brand Stores Have Really Great Discounts. I Recently Did Well At Tumi.
    Also Make Sure To Pick Up A Coupon Book There. I Get Mine For Free With My Aaa Card.
    Also, Never Go On A Holiday Weekend Unless You Have A Death Wish, And All Weekends Are Pretty Horrendous.
  15. I would say so. You can get a bus from Port Authority for around $35 but do be aware that the bus takes something like an hour to get there. Have a look on the NY Port Authority website

    It's by no means guaranteed they will even have bags. You can get bags at anything between 25% and 75% off