Woodbury Common Meet?

  1. Whatever happened to the idea of a 1/26 Woodbury Common meet? Am I beating a dead horse or can the idea be resurrected???
  2. Oh what a fun place but that is like a 2-2 1/2 hour drive for me. I'd be worried about snow. It would be fun to do this on the tax free weekend.
  3. Never tax free at Woodbury, they have a local tax they never give up!! Was there yesteraday, pickings are slim right now in most stores. They have little winter in and just starting to get some spring lines. Also prices were high At Polo the Men's Polo's are usually 39.99 they were 45.99
  4. ^They do have 2 weekends a year which are tax free. Its usually for spring and fall. I have been there on tax free weekends and its so crowded.
  5. Pbbbbbbbtht:yucky:

    That's a shame. Thanks for the head's up, though...Guess I will wait a few weeks and then see if I can round up the troops. Or perhaps abandon the idea entirely and try for a Short Hills meetup. I think that idea might get a LOT more traction.