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  1. just curious has anyone been to the chanel outlet, what do they have in terms of bags? anything worthwhile and how are the prices? Thanks ;)
  2. I went last weekend and it was awful selection. I've never seen any cute bags there ever, and the prices are not that cheap.
  3. good to know... I was thinking when I go to NY, I'll make a 'detour' there... It doesn't sound like it's worth a detour at all...
  4. thats kind of what i figured, but thanks for confirming it. I feel like its hard to find chanel discounted!
  5. A little bit jewelry, some caps, some chlothes, very limited selection of not-so-charming bags. I was really disappointed when I visited there. Guess I had too much expectation for a discounted Chanel bag, haha
  6. actually if you do a little bit research, there're lots of threads that talk about this already.