woodburry commons outlet , scarves ?

  1. i desperately want a burberry scarf and ive heard of the outlet prices at $50 , anyone know if woodburry has these in stock , i would scream for joy if there still avalible . :yahoo:
  2. You have to go at the right time. Woodbury, in the summer, had this little place called the "Burberry sample outlet" and their scarves were mighty cheap. Wool scarves were only $20 odd so and ponchos also $20. Cashmere scarves...I didn't see any. There were silk ones though. But I heard from a lady in front of me (yes, we lined up at 8:00 am and just stood there until 10:00 am), that the sample outlets are very sporadic and you should check periodically. Hope this helps! :smile:
  3. I was just went to Woodbury last week. They have the wool scarf and glove set for $50. The cashmere scarves were about $112 or $120.
  4. i went to that sample sale last summer -- i didn't even know about it; just was at the outlets for my twice-annual spree. i went after memorial day, and a sign said it was going to be 2 weeks long? but when i went again to woodbury at the end of the summer (a week before labor day?), the sale was still going on. i think it depends on how much stock they get, but this time it was extended by over 6 weeks. my friend bought a camel wool belted coat for $250; i bought a silk scarf for $19! and cashmere earmuffs also for $19!
  5. I'm going to Woodbury Commons tomorrow - I will let you know what they have.
  6. I was a the Burberry outlet in Vacaville. The scarf and gloves set is now marked down to $25. Only 2 colors left. The magenta-ish color and the green. There's a bunch of them left in those 2 colors.
  7. I just came back from there. I bought the Burberry scarf and glove set in Ocean blue for 25.00. They only have ocean and emerald green left. They do carry pebble, ocean, grey, emerald green and magenta (one or two) for 49.00. However the guy accidently charged me wrong so I got both for 50 :biggrin:

    They are carrying cashmere for about 179 for camel and others for 169.