Wood floors in the kitchen?

  1. Does anyone have wood floors in their kitchen? Can you tell me the pros and cons? I just picked out new floors. So there will be wood in the kitchen and into the greatroom and then continued in the formal living and dining rooms. While it will be gorgeous, I'm a little worried about maintenance in the kitchen area. What about cleaning spills, food etc...?
  2. I have wood floors in my kitchen and have had no problems. If a bit of water spills on the floor I promptly wipe it up. I don't find that much else ever gets on floor.
  3. Yes I also have wooden floors - no problems. Just make sure you mop with wooden floor cleaner.
  4. I have wood floors throughout my house except the bedrooms which are carpeted. I have no trouble with spills and such. Just as BNJJ said, as long as they are promptly wiped there isn't a problem. I also did not put wood in the bathrooms but opted for tile instead because I didn't want the moisture of the shower and such causing warping or lifting.
  5. We have hardwood all through the house (Brazilian Cherry) and it's really easy to maintain. It stays looking nice and provides continuity between all the rooms.

    I vacuum it and then use a hardwood floor cleaner on it. I do use a couple of little rugs in front of the sink and the stove to prevent "worn" patches.
  6. Good to know. I also put wood floors in the downstairs half bath that is next to the kitchen. There is no shower so I hope it will be ok.

    Thanks for the tip. I'll probably do the same.
  7. My friend had really pretty wood floors in the kitchen and they had a really slick finish that protected them really well. They never had a problem and had kids in the house all the time spilling all kinds of things.
  8. I think a good finish is key. I re-did my kitchen about a year ago and considered wood, but went w/ tile b/c of spills, staining w/ dark things (i.e. marina sauce) possible water damage if you have some type of plumbing issue w/ your sink or dishwasher malfunction, as well as scratching and gouging from dropped knives, plates, whatever, etc, etc. I am sure it would be very pretty though. The ppl at the floor places really encouraged me to pass on wood also in a kitchen.
  9. I had wood floors in my kitchen in my old house and never had a problem. That house was about 80++ years old. We did get the floors refinished and stained when we moved in. My one friend has cherry wood floors in her house on her first floor and had a pipe break under the kitchen sink and I can't begin to say how horrible it was on the wood floors.......half the kitchen had to be ripped up. I put Durastone tile in my kitchen and it ends where the eat in kitchen start (so the tile is just really around the counter and appliance area) and I have wood floors in the eat in kitchen, hallway and foyer area to my front door. It looks nice and I feel better knowing if I ever have a problem the floor in the kitchen will not get messed up. Another friend has beautiful wood floors in her kitchen but I can't figure it out (on what the installation was-maybe they put extra plywood under the wood first) but she can't remove her dishwasher. The floors are too high. She wants to get a new dishwasher and it won't come out unless the sink is removed and the whole counter top gets removed. This is a real pain and will cost some money to do.
    I do think wood floors are great and I never had a problem with upkeep in any house that I lived in.
    Good luck.
  10. i have wood florrs in the whole house..i love them. in the kitchen i use a damp micofiber cloth to clean it...i have 2 really messy boys..oh make that 3 dh is a mess too! the kitchen is also where the main entrance to my house is. in the winter and when it's really wet out i use a runner rug at the door.
  11. I have wood floors throughout my house (except the bathroom) and I find that wood floors are extremely low maintenance! I would high recommend them!
  12. I've had wood floors in the kitchen of our last 4 homes, so obviously like them. The biggest plus for me is that they have some "give" and are easier on my back than tile or another hard surface would be. spills wipe up easily but I admit with a drooling Boxer, I wipe up a lot of spots.

    I can remember the days of waxing vinyl floors--wood is so much simpler!
  13. I think you'll be pleased. We have the hardwood in our half-bath too and it looks great. I put a small Persian rug in front of the sink and it really shows off the floor and vice versa.
  14. I have wood floors throughout the first floor; the kitchen, dining room, living room and half bath but not the family room where we put in a sturdy berber rug. We're always in there and the berber can withstand my 2 son's beating. I have so many nick, dinks, scratches, gouges, etc. on the kitchen floor but I think it just gives it a more character. Who wants a kitchen that doesn't look lived in?
  15. my mom just did her kitchen over and had hardwoods put in- they look really beautiful and she loves them. we have hardwoods throughout the house (but not in the kitchen) and they are really easy to maintain and look nice! i think it would be a great choice!