woo~this is cute^

  1. I guessed elux got the mc heart coin purse too...but sold out?

  2. That is really cute!
  3. Aww. It looks cute on there. :love:
  4. i like pomme w/perle better, but Elux sold out their pomme heart already, not sure if they every carried MC?
  5. Ow, cute!
    I think I ever saw it on eBay a few days ago... Around $450?
  6. Uugh... That's too cute. Now I'm going to have to consider a Houston too???:confused1:

  7. yep~I thought mc heart would be harder to match up with LV bags, but it looked really nice here. :yes:
  8. so cute
  9. cutie!
  10. I love it, not sure if I'd get it though.
  11. its so nice!!!
  12. so cute!
  13. cute
  14. oh cute! i want it!
  15. Cute.